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    1 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 4cfbe809ff650a97d1112c145a63bacfe59f7859 Philip Lyons <vorzox@gmail.com> 1612884057 -0500	commit (initial): initial commit
    2 4cfbe809ff650a97d1112c145a63bacfe59f7859 2bc064aa20d57642980a74e1fee5ab9b184678f1 Philip Lyons <vorzox@gmail.com> 1612888351 -0500	commit (merge): Fixed Merge Conflict
    3 2bc064aa20d57642980a74e1fee5ab9b184678f1 f10c1c44833eed0d06cf3c3221cc0c39cb43954d Philip Lyons <vorzox@gmail.com> 1612888497 -0500	commit: repository reconfiguration
    4 f10c1c44833eed0d06cf3c3221cc0c39cb43954d e881980b07a5eed3aaa884690f63bf16669ce97c Philip Lyons <vorzox@gmail.com> 1612888524 -0500	commit: repository reconfiguration
    5 e881980b07a5eed3aaa884690f63bf16669ce97c 4ad1904c26979bcafdadc888bf3d524e8667db95 Philip Lyons <vorzox@gmail.com> 1612893347 -0500	commit: Update to 6.1.3