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Member "pacemaker-Pacemaker-2.1.2/xml/test-2-enter/010-clu-props.xml" (24 Nov 2021, 498 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/pacemaker-Pacemaker-2.1.2.tar.gz:

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    1 <cib validate-with="pacemaker-2.0" admin_epoch="0" epoch="0" num_updates="0">
    2   <configuration>
    3     <crm_config>
    4       <cluster_property_set id="cluster-opts">
    5         <nvpair id="cluster-opts-stonith_enabled" name="stonith_enabled" value="off"/>
    6       </cluster_property_set>
    7       <!-- this doesn't make any sense, i.e., a design flaw -->
    8       <cluster_property_set id-ref="cluster-opts"/>
    9     </crm_config>
   10     <nodes/>
   11     <resources/>
   12     <constraints/>
   13   </configuration>
   14   <status/>
   15 </cib>