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How to Install Pacemaker

Build Dependencies

Version Fedora-based Suse-based Debian-based
1.13 or later automake automake automake
2.64 or later autoconf autoconf autoconf
libtool libtool libtool
libtool-ltdl-devel libltdl-dev
libuuid-devel libuuid-devel uuid-dev
0.27 or later pkgconfig pkgconfig pkg-config
2.42.0 or later glib2-devel glib2-devel libglib2.0-dev
libxml2-devel libxml2-devel libxml2-dev
libxslt-devel libxslt-devel libxslt-dev
bzip2-devel libbz2-devel libbz2-dev
0.17.0 or later libqb-devel libqb-devel libqb-dev
3.4 or later python3 python3 python3


Cluster Stack Dependencies

Only corosync is currently supported

Version Fedora-based Suse-based Debian-based
2.0.0 or later corosynclib libcorosync corosync
2.0.0 or later corosynclib-devel libcorosync-devel

Optional Build Dependencies

Feature Enabled Version Fedora-based Suse-based Debian-based
Pacemaker Remote and encrypted remote CIB admin 2.12.0 or later gnutls-devel libgnutls-devel libgnutls-dev
encrypted remote CIB admin pam-devel pam-devel libpam0g-dev
interactive crm_mon ncurses-devel ncurses-devel ncurses-dev
systemd support systemd-devel systemd-devel libsystemd-dev
systemd/upstart resource support dbus-devel dbus-devel libdbus-1-dev
Linux-HA style fencing agents cluster-glue-libs-devel libglue-devel cluster-glue-dev
documentation asciidoc or asciidoctor asciidoc or asciidoctor asciidoc or asciidoctor
documentation help2man help2man help2man
documentation inkscape inkscape inkscape
documentation docbook-style-xsl docbook-xsl-stylesheets docbook-xsl
documentation python3-sphinx python3-sphinx python3-sphinx
documentation (PDF) latexmk texlive texlive-capt-of texlive-collection-xetex texlive-fncychap texlive-framed texlive-multirow texlive-needspace texlive-tabulary texlive-titlesec texlive-threeparttable texlive-upquote texlive-wrapfig texlive-xetex texlive texlive-latex texlive texlive-latex-extra
annotated source code as HTML via "make global" global global global
RPM packages via "make rpm" 4.11 or later rpm rpm (n/a)
unit tests libcmocka-devel libcmocka-devel libcmocka-dev

Optional testing dependencies

Simple install

$ make && sudo make install

If GNU make is not your default make, use "gmake" instead.

Detailed install

First, browse the build options that are available:

$ ./autogen.sh
$ ./configure --help

Re-run ./configure with any options you want, then proceed with the simple method.