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    1 sect1,sect2,... versus <section>
    3 - <section> is more portable (sect2 can only be directly inside sect1; sect1 can't have sect3 as a child,, etc.)
    5 - bottom line is that care must be exercise when writing for docbook output since a section cannot contain more than one subsection and that subsection must occur after any block element material in the section
    7 - each separate file included must have a single root item
    8   - this, most logically is <section>
    9   - for files with more than one subsection, we run into problems if those multiple sections are nested inside the single enclosing root <section>
   10     -->> we must use something else besides sections inside the separate files -->> what other docbook markup is appropriate for this? -->> might want to look and see how others handle this...
   14 option 1: use head/foot to enclose entire document in <section>... then use first line content, whatever it is for title of section
   15 	 	- still doesn't deal with possibility of multiple 'subsections'
   18 option 2: eschew all sections for 'under' type stuff and just use 'emphasis' or 'formalpara' (paragraph with a title)
   20 example: ~/.otl/otl-docbook 'hack' 
   22 under	====+	|<formalpara><title>| |</title></formalpara>|	|| ||
   23 under	----+	|<formalpara><title>| |</title></formalpara>|	|| ||
   24 under	~~~~+	|<formalpara><title>| |</title></formalpara>|	|| ||
   25 under	\.\.\.\.+	|<formalpara><title>| |</title></formalpara>|	||