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    1 Scripts for using ECC ciphersuites with test/testssl
    2 (these ciphersuites are described in the Internet Draft available at
    3 http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-tls-ecc-03.txt).
    5 Use ECCcertgen.sh, RSAcertgen.sh, ECC-RSAcertgen.sh to generate
    6 root, client and server certs of the following types:
    8      ECC certs signed with ECDSA
    9      RSA certs signed with RSA
   10      ECC certs signed with RSA
   12 Afterwards, you can use ssltest.sh to run the various tests;
   13 specify one of the following options:
   15      aecdh, ecdh-ecdsa, ecdhe-ecdsa, ecdh-rsa, ecdhe-rsa