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    1 RIPEMD-160
    2 http://www.esat.kuleuven.ac.be/~bosselae/ripemd160.html
    4 This is my implementation of RIPEMD-160.  The pentium assember is a little
    5 off the pace since I only get 1050 cycles, while the best is 1013.
    6 I have a few ideas for how to get another 20 or so cycles, but at
    7 this point I will not bother right now.  I believe the trick will be
    8 to remove my 'copy X array onto stack' until inside the RIP1() finctions the
    9 first time round.  To do this I need another register and will only have one
   10 temporary one.  A bit tricky....  I can also cleanup the saving of the 5 words
   11 after the first half of the calculation.  I should read the origional
   12 value, add then write.  Currently I just save the new and read the origioal.
   13 I then read both at the end.  Bad.
   15 eric (20-Jan-1998)