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    1 NOTES
    2 -----
    4 I've checked out HPUX (well, version 11 at least) and shl_t is
    5 a pointer type so it's safe to use in the way it has been in
    6 dso_dl.c. On the other hand, HPUX11 support dlfcn too and
    7 according to their man page, prefer developers to move to that.
    8 I'll leave Richard's changes there as I guess dso_dl is needed
    9 for HPUX10.20.
   11 There is now a callback scheme in place where filename conversion can
   12 (a) be turned off altogether through the use of the
   14 (b) be handled by default using the default DSO_METHOD's converter
   15 (c) overriden per-DSO by setting the override callback
   16 (d) a mix of (b) and (c) - eg. implement an override callback that;
   17     (i) checks if we're win32 (if(strstr(dso->meth->name, "win32")....)
   18         and if so, convert "blah" into "blah32.dll" (the default is
   19 	otherwise to make it "blah.dll").
   20     (ii) default to the normal behaviour - we're not on win32, eg.
   21          finish with (return dso->meth->dso_name_converter(dso,NULL)).