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    1 TODO:
    2 =====
    4 There are a few things that need to be worked out in the VMS version of
    5 OpenSSL, still:
    7 - Description files. ("Makefile's" :-))
    8 - Script code to link an already compiled build tree.
    9 - A VMSINSTALlable version (way in the future, unless someone else hacks).
   10 - shareable images (DLL for you Windows folks).
   12 There may be other things that I have missed and that may be desirable.
   13 Please send mail to <openssl-users@openssl.org> or to me directly if you
   14 have any ideas.
   16 --
   17 Richard Levitte <richard@levitte.org>
   18 1999-05-24