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Language Features: * linear_extrude now takes a scale parameter: linear_extrude(height=a, slices=b, twist=c, scale=[x,y]) * Recursive use of modules is now supported (including cascading child() operations): https://github.com/openscad/openscad/blob/master/examples/example024.scad * Parameter list values can now depend on earlier values, e.g. for (i=[0:2], j=[0:i]) .. * value assignments in parameters can now depend on already declared parameters * Added resize() module: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSCAD_User_Manual/Transformations#resize

Program Features: * Added basic syntax highlighting in the editor * There is now a built-in library path in user-space: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSCAD_User_Manual/Libraries#Library_Locations * Commandline output to PNG, with various camera and rendering settings.
Run openscad -h to see usage info or see the OpenSCAD wiki user manual. * Attempting to open dxf, off or stl files in the GUI will now create an import statement. * The preview operator (%) will now preserve any manually set color * The highlight operator (#) will now color the object in transparent red * Mac: Added document icon * Mac: Added auto-update check * Windows: Better cmd-line support using the openscad.com executable

Bugfixes: * Importing files is now always relative to the importing script, also for libraries * We didn’t always print a warning when CSG normalization created too many elements * Binary STLs can now be read on big endian architectures * Some binary STLs couldn’t be read * Fixed some issues related to ARM builds * CGAL triangulation more lenient- enables partial rendering of ‘bad’ DXF data * The Automatic Reload feature is now more robust * If a file couldn’t be saved it no longer fails silently * Fixed a number of crashes related to CGAL and OpenCSG rendering or complex models * The lookup() function had bad boundary condition behavior * The surface() module failed when the .dat file lacked a trailing newline * The hull() module could crash if any of the children were empty objects * Some problems using unicode filenames have been fixed

Misc: * Build scripts have been further improved * Regression test now creates single monolithic .html file for easier uploading * Regression test auto-starts & stops Xvfb / Xvnc if on headless unix machine * The backend is finally independent of Qt * Windows: We now have a 64-bit version

Known Bugs: * Linux: command-line png rendering on Gallium is flaky. Workaround: use CGAL –render or hardware rendering.