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Features: * Snappier GUI while performing CGAL computations (computations running in separate thread) * The size of the misc. caches can now be adjusted from Preferences * The limit for when to disable OpenCSG can now be adjusted from Preferences * Added Dot product operator: vec * vec * Added Matrix multiplication operator: vec * mat, mat * mat * Added search() function * Dependencies are now tracked - any changes in uses/included files will be detected and cause a recompile * The OPENSCADPATH environment variable is now implemented will have precedence when searching for libraries * .csg files can now be opened from the GUI * linear_extrude() will now assume that the first parameter means ‘height’ if it’s a number

Bugfixes: * use’ing an non-existing file sometimes crashed under Windows * Better font handling: Ensure a monospace font is chosen as default * Division by zero caused hang in some cases (e.g. sin(1/0)) * Larger minkowski operations sometimes caused a crash after a CGAL assert was thrown * Fixed crashes in shared_ptr.hpp (or similar places) due bugs in cache management and CSG normalization * scale() with a scale factor of zero could cause a crash * Fixed a number of issues related to use/include * Providing an unknown parameter on the cmd-line caused a crash * cmd-line overrides using -D now also work for USEd modules * Modifier characters can now be used in front of if statements * rotate() with a vector argument with less that 3 elements used uninitialized variables, ending up being non-deterministic. * .csg files will now have relative filenames whenever possible * Don’t just ignore geometric nodes having zero volume/area - when doing difference/intersection, they tend to turn negative objects into positive ones. * Always use utf-8 file encoding, also under Windows * A lot of build script fixes * Some other crash bugs fixes

Deprecations: * The old include syntax “<filename.scad>” without the include keyword is no longer supported and will cause a syntax error.