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Coding Style

The OpenSCAD coding style is encoded in .uncrustify.cfg.

Coding style highlights:

Beautifying code

Code to be committed can be beautified by installing uncrustify (https://github.com/uncrustify/uncrustify) and running scripts/beautify.sh. This will, by default, beautify all files that are currently changed.

Alternatively, it’s possible to beautify the entire codebase by running scripts/beautify.sh --all. This is not recommended except in special cases like: * We’re upgrading uncrustify to fix rules globally * You’re bringing an old branch to life and want to minimize conflict cause by the large coding style update

Note: Uncrustify is in heavy development and tends to introduce breaking changes from time to time. OpenSCAD has been tested against uncrustify commit a05edf605a5b1ea69ac36918de563d4acf7f31fb (Dec 24 2017).

Regression Tests

See testing.txt

How to add new function/module