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Vue 3 + Typescript + Vite

This template should help get you started developing with Vue 3 and Typescript in Vite.

Build instructions

This project was started with Node v14+ You will also need yarn

To install packages and run dev server

yarn install
yarn dev

Build for prod

yarn build

Vuex state management

This project uses Vuex with the modules pattern. Each store module has separate files for state, actions, and mutations. Current convention is to only call actions from components, (no mutations).


Project routes make use of vue-router



Formatting should use the .prettierrc file. For VSCode, install the Prettier extension, go to the IDE Settings and set this formatter to take precedence.

Use <script setup>

<script setup>. To get proper IDE support for the syntax, use Volar.

On serving & routing

The SPA assets are currently hosted on Jetty via the /opennms application.

The SpaRoutingFilter serve up the index.html page for URLs that do not refer to project assets.