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Build Container images

This section describes how to build container images on your local system. Container images can be built with tarballs that come from a normal assembly build.

With running docker build the lookup for installation files is done in this order.

It is right now not possible to install Minion and Sentinel from tarballs.

Build Container Images

cd core
docker build -t myhorizon .
cd minion
docker build -t myminion .
cd sentinel
docker build -t mysentinel .

Customize with build arguments

The build can be customized with --build-arg key=value.

Argument Description Required Default
BASE_IMAGE Base image name optional opennms/openjdk
BASE_IMAGE_VERSION Version of the base image, should be the latest supported OpenJDK by default. optional latest supported OpenJDK
REPO_KEY_URL URL for the GPG key for APT repository optional https://debian.opennms.org/OPENNMS-GPG-KEY
ONMS_PACKAGES OpenNMS packages to install. This is ignored when built from tarball. optional opennms-core opennms-webapp-jetty opennms-webapp-hawtio
ADD_DEB_PACKAGES If you want to add additional arbitrary deb packages optional -
BUILD_DATE Date the image is created in RFC 3339 format optional 1970-01-01T00:00:00+0000
VERSION Label for version number optional -
SOURCE Label for source code URL optional -
REVISION Descriptive/unique label for the revision optional -
BUILD_JOB_ID Label for build job from CI/CD optional -
BUILD_NUMBER Label for build number from CI/CD optional -
BUILD_URL Label for build URL from CI/CD optional -
BUILD_BRANCH    Label for build branch from source repository optional -

The argument for REQUIRED_DEBS are different for Horizon, Minion and Sentinel

Argument Description Default
REQUIRED_DEBS Dependency packages for Horizon rrdtool jrrd2 jicmp jicmp6 r-base-core rsync libxml-twig-perl libwww-perl jq diffutils hostname sudo
REQUIRED_DEBS Dependency packages for Sentinel hostname wget gettext openssh-client