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    1 Copyright (c) 2004-2006 The Trustees of Indiana University and Indiana
    2                         University Research and Technology
    3                         Corporation.  All rights reserved.
    4 Copyright (c) 2006-2012 Cisco Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
    5 Copyright (c) 2007-2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
    6 Copyright (c) 2010      Oracle and/or its affiliates.  All rights reserved.
    7 Copyright (c) 2013      Mellanox Technologies, Inc.  All rights reserved.
   11 The files in this directory are sample MPI applications provided both
   12 as a trivial primer to MPI as well as simple tests to ensure that your
   13 Open MPI installation is working properly.
   15 If you are looking for a comprehensive MPI tutorial, these samples are
   16 not enough.  Excellent MPI tutorials are available here:
   18         http://www.citutor.org/login.php
   20 Get a free account and login; you can then browse to the list of
   21 available courses.  Look for the ones with "MPI" in the title.
   23 There are two MPI examples in this directory, each using one of six
   24 different MPI interfaces:
   26 - Hello world
   27   C:                   hello_c.c
   28   C++:                 hello_cxx.cc
   29   Fortran mpif.h:      hello_mpifh.f
   30   Fortran use mpi:     hello_usempi.f90
   31   Fortran use mpi_f08: hello_usempif08.f90
   32   Java:                Hello.java
   33   C shmem.h:           hello_oshmem_c.c
   34   Fortran shmem.fh:    hello_oshmemfh.f90
   36 - Send a trivial message around in a ring
   37   C:                   ring_c.c
   38   C++:                 ring_cxx.cc
   39   Fortran mpif.h:      ring_mpifh.f
   40   Fortran use mpi:     ring_usempi.f90
   41   Fortran use mpi_f08: ring_usempif08.f90
   42   Java:                Ring.java
   43   C shmem.h:           ring_oshmem_c.c
   44   Fortran shmem.fh:    ring_oshmemfh.f90
   46 Additionally, there's one further example application, but this one
   47 only uses the MPI C bindings:
   49 - Test the connectivity between all processes
   50   C:   connectivity_c.c
   52 The Makefile in this directory will build as many of the examples as
   53 you have language support (e.g., if you do not have the Fortran "use
   54 mpi" bindings compiled as part of Open MPI, the those examples will be
   55 skipped).
   57 The Makefile assumes that the wrapper compilers mpicc, mpic++, and
   58 mpifort are in your path.
   60 Although the Makefile is tailored for Open MPI (e.g., it checks the
   61 "ompi_info" command to see if you have support for C++, mpif.h, use
   62 mpi, and use mpi_f08 F90), all of the example programs are pure MPI,
   63 and therefore not specific to Open MPI.  Hence, you can use a
   64 different MPI implementation to compile and run these programs if you
   65 wish.
   67 Make today an Open MPI day!