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This is a port of OpenBGPD to other operating systems. It is based on portability code from the OpenNTPD, OpenSSH, and LibreSSL portable projects.

OpenBGPD has a web site at http://openbgpd.com/

The current portable tree can be found at https://github.com/openbgpd-portable/openbgpd-portable

Build Status

Platform Requirements

At the time of writing the Portable version is known to build and work on:

OpenBGPD may work on other operating systems, newer and older, but the above ones are tested regularly by the developer.

Reports (success or otherwise) are welcome. You may report bugs or submit pull requests at the GitHub project: https://github.com/openbgpd-portable

Thanks, Claudio Jeker <claudio at openbsd.org> and Brent Cook <bcook at openbsd.org>.