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In this chapter routine docstrings are presented, grouped by functionality. Many docstrings contain example code, which demonstrates basic usage of the routine. The examples assume that NumPy is imported with:

>>> import numpy as np

A convenient way to execute examples is the %doctest_mode mode of IPython, which allows for pasting of multi-line examples and preserves indentation.

routines.array-creation routines.array-manipulation routines.bitwise routines.char routines.ctypeslib routines.datetime routines.dtype routines.dual routines.emath routines.err routines.fft routines.financial routines.functional routines.help routines.indexing routines.io routines.linalg routines.logic routines.ma routines.math routines.matlib routines.other routines.padding routines.polynomials routines.random routines.set routines.sort routines.statistics routines.testing routines.window