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    2 Linux-NTFS
    3 ==========
    5 The Linux-NTFS project aims to bring full support for the NTFS filesystem to
    6 the Linux operating system.
    8 Linux-NTFS is copyright (c) 2000-2005 Anton Altaparmakov.
   10 All of the contents of the Linux-NTFS project are free software, released under
   11 the GNU General Public License and you are welcome to redistribute them under
   12 certain conditions.  All the libraries and utilities come with ABSOLUTELY NO
   13 WARRANTY; for details read the GNU General Public License to be found in the
   14 file COPYING.  Note that while the GNU General Public License is copyrighted by
   15 the Free Software Foundation, the instances of code that it refers to (the
   16 Linux-NTFS project, including the ntfsprogs package containing the NTFS library
   17 (libntfs) and the NTFS utilities (ntfsprogs) and the Linux kernel NTFS driver
   18 are copyrighted by me and others who actually wrote them.
   20 The Linux-NTFS ntfsprogs package currently consists of the NTFS library
   21 (libntfs), the NTFS Gnome VFS module (libntfs-gnomevfs), and various utilities
   22 (ntfsprogs).
   24 The Linux-NTFS home page is at:
   25 	http://linux-ntfs.sourceforge.net/
   27 The SourceForge.net Linux-NTFS project page is at:
   28 	http://sourceforge.net/projects/linux-ntfs/
   30 The latest Linux-NTFS source code is available from our CVS repositories which
   31 can be found on our SourceForge.net project page.
   33 If you would like to take part in the development of Linux-NTFS, you are
   34 invited to subscribe to the development mailing list,
   35 linux-ntfs-dev@lists.sourceforge.net.  The easiest way to do this is to visit
   36 the list page on SourceForge at:
   37 	http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/linux-ntfs-dev
   39 If you would like to be kept up to date about new releases and other Linux-NTFS
   40 announcements, subscribe to the linux-ntfs-announce mailing list (very low
   41 volume).  The easiest way to do this is to visit the list page on SourceForge
   42 at:
   43 	http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/linux-ntfs-announce
   45 Quick Installation
   46 ==================
   48    If you obtained the source code from CVS all the autogenerated files will be
   49    missing.  To generate them you will need the autoconf, automake, and libtool
   50    packages installed and you will need to run: ./autogen.sh
   52    If you obtained the source code from the tar ball or from a source package
   53    like the .src.rpm for example, in most cases it should be sufficient to do:
   55 	./configure
   56 	make
   57 	make install	<-- You usually need to be root for this one.
   59 The above will compile and install the NTFS library and utility programs into
   60 /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/bin respectively.  The man pages will be
   61 installed by default in /usr/local/man.
   63 For more detailed installation instructions, please read the file INSTALL.
   65 Note, if you want to enable the additional debugging checks in the code as well
   66 as the output of debugging information, which will be emitted to stdout, you
   67 need to specify the `--enable-debug' option to `configure'.
   69 NTFS library
   70 ============
   72 Provides common NTFS access functions to the ntfsprogs and other foreign
   73 open source applications.  Note, that the library is still under development
   74 and a lot of functionality is not yet included.
   76 NTFS Gnome VFS module
   77 =====================
   79 The Gnome virtual filesystem provides universal access to diffent filesystems.
   80 This modules enables Gnome VFS clients to seamlessly utilize the NTFS library.
   81 For further details and examples of how to make use of the NTFS Gnome VFS
   82 module in practice see man 8 libntfs-gnomevfs.
   84 NTFS utilities
   85 ==============
   87 The ntfsprogs will eventually include utilities for doing all required tasks
   88 to NTFS partitions.  In general, just run a utility without any command line
   89 options to display the version number and usage syntax.
   91 The following utilities are so far implemented:
   93 NtfsFix - Attempt to fix an NTFS partition that has been damaged by the old
   94 Linux NTFS driver.  Note that you should run it every time after you have used
   95 the old Linux NTFS driver to write to an NTFS partition to prevent massive data
   96 corruption from happening when Windows mounts the partition.
   97 IMPORTANT: Run this only *after* unmounting the partition in Linux but *before*
   98 rebooting into Windows NT/2000 or you *will* suffer! - You have been warned!
   99 See man 8 ntfsfix for details.
  101 mkntfs - Format a partition with the NTFS filesystem.  See man 8 mkntfs for
  102 command line options.
  104 ntfslabel - Display/change the label of an NTFS partition.  See man 8 ntfslabel
  105 for details.
  107 ntfsundelete - Recover deleted files from an NTFS volume.  See man 8
  108 ntfsundelete for more details.
  110 ntfsresize - Resize NTFS volumes.  See man 8 ntfsresize for details.
  112 ntfsclone - Efficiently create/restore an image of an NTFS partition.  See
  113 man 8 ntfsclone for details.
  115 ntfscluster - Locate the owner of any given sector or cluster on an NTFS
  116 partition.  See man 8 ntfscluster for details.
  118 ntfsinfo - Show some information about an NTFS partition or one of the files
  119 or directories within it.  See man 8 ntfsinfo for details.
  121 ntfsls - List information about files in a directory residing on an NTFS
  122 partition.  See man 8 ntfsls for details.
  124 ntfscat - Concatenate files and print their contents on the standard output.
  126 ntfscp - Overwrite files on an NTFS partition.
  128 ntfsmount - Mount an NTFS partition from user-space using libntfs and FUSE.