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    1 Usage: build.sh [-hcv] [-cc] [-j <n>] [--nspr] [--gyp|-g] [--opt|-o] [-m32]
    2                 [--test] [--pprof] [--scan-build[=output]] [--ct-verif]
    3                 [--asan] [--ubsan] [--msan] [--sancov[=edge|bb|func|...]]
    4                 [--disable-tests] [--fuzz[=tls|oss]] [--system-sqlite]
    5                 [--no-zdefs] [--with-nspr] [--system-nspr] [--enable-libpkix]
    6                 [--enable-fips]
    8 This script builds NSS with gyp and ninja.
   10 This build system is still under development.  It does not yet support all
   11 the features or platforms that NSS supports.
   13 NSS build tool options:
   15     -h               display this help and exit
   16     -c               clean before build
   17     -cc              clean without building
   18     -v               verbose build
   19     -j <n>           run at most <n> concurrent jobs
   20     --nspr           force a rebuild of NSPR
   21     --gyp|-g         force a rerun of gyp
   22     --opt|-o         do an opt build
   23     -m32             do a 32-bit build on a 64-bit system
   24     --clang          build with clang and clang++
   25     --gcc            build with gcc and g++
   26     --test           ignore map files and export everything we have
   27     --fuzz           build fuzzing targets (this always enables test builds)
   28                      --fuzz=tls to enable TLS fuzzing mode
   29                      --fuzz=oss to build for OSS-Fuzz
   30     --pprof          build with gperftool support
   31     --ct-verif       build with valgrind for ct-verif
   32     --scan-build     run the build with scan-build (scan-build has to be in the path)
   33                      --scan-build=/out/path sets the output path for scan-build
   34     --asan           do an asan build
   35     --ubsan          do an ubsan build
   36                      --ubsan=bool,shift,... sets specific UB sanitizers
   37     --msan           do an msan build
   38     --sancov         do sanitize coverage builds
   39                      --sancov=func sets coverage to function level for example
   40     --emit-llvm      emit LLVM bitcode while building
   41                      (requires the gold linker, use clang-3.8 for SAW)
   42     --disable-tests  don't build tests and corresponding cmdline utils
   43     --system-sqlite  use system sqlite
   44     --no-zdefs       don't set -Wl,-z,defs
   45     --with-nspr      don't build NSPR but use the one at the given location, e.g.
   46                      --with-nspr=/path/to/nspr/include:/path/to/nspr/lib
   47     --system-nspr    use system nspr. This requires an installation of NSPR and
   48                      might not work on all systems.
   49     --enable-libpkix make libpkix part of the build.
   50     --enable-fips    don't disable FIPS checks.