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    1 1/15/1999
    2 There have been numerous changes to the core npadmin code in the past couple 
    3 of months. I expect that there will be some problems porting the multithreaded
    4 code. One knob that might need to be turned is the define MAXTHREADS in 
    5 npadmin.C. On linux I can get away with something like 100 threads, however 
    6 I think other OS's might find that excessive. Please let me know what works
    7 on your platform.
    9 -ben
   11 Problem firmware:
   12 -----------------
   13 As I have worked to create npadmin, I have found many problems with
   14 the differen't printer's firmware. Here is my current list of firmware 
   15 problems:
   17 Tektronix Phaser Share 2.0:
   18 ---------------------------
   19 This firmware has numerous problems and I recommend contacting
   20 Tektronix and upgrading to their current version, i.e. 3.13. I believe 
   21 that they will provide you with this upgrade free of charge. 
   23 HP JetDirect A03.16 and below:
   24 -----------------------------
   25 This has at least one problem where trying to check the memory doesn't 
   26 return anything. Upgrade to their current version A05.05 to fix these
   27 problems.
   29 HP JetDirect A05.05
   30 -------------------
   31 This firmware has two serious problems --languages crashes all known
   32 5M's and --protocols or --languages crashes 5 series printers with
   33 formwatter datecodes less than 19960829. There is currently no known
   34 fix.