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    1 1-15-1998 Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
    2 While you have all been limping along with the current version of npadmin. I
    3 have been really busy quitely working on it. The biggest change is
    4 that I made was I made the program handle multiple printers on the
    5 command line. The way that I implemented this was to make the program
    6 multithreaded. Yes every bad thing that people say about threads is
    7 true. They are a real pain to debug but I think that I have finally
    8 gotten the knack of it. Overall, I am very pleased with the
    9 performance. I was able to query literally hundreds of printers
   10 without putting undue strain on my workstation. In the past, the only
   11 way to do this was to basically forkbomb a your computer. You would
   12 fork off a whole bunch of npadmin's and it would really tax your
   13 system for a couple of minutes. With this new multithreaded
   14 implementation I can very easily query 200 printers without phasing my 
   15 workstation. 
   17 I expect that this multithreading is going to introduce some porting
   18 problems. One knob that might need to be set differently on different
   19 OS's is found in npadmin.C and is called MAXTHREADS. This is the
   20 number of concurrent worker threads that npadmin can have. On my
   21 laptop running Linux I have had no problem with setting this to 100
   22 which seems to be just fine. I expect that other OS's which don't have 
   23 quite as generous threads implementation will need this turned down a
   24 bit. In general, the higher this number can be the faster npadmin can
   25 be when given large numbers of IP addresses.
   27 The purpose for this change is so that I can do some rather nifty
   28 scripts that find out the status of a whole bunch of printers all at
   29 once. I need to do this to do some interesting things at Cisco.