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    1 Wed Mar 29 2006 Ben Woodard <ben@zork.net>
    2 	* Made it compile on Fedora Core 5
    3 	* Added a patch from Jim.Wadell@bp.com to make it work with cannon 
    4 	printers
    6 Thu Nov 12 2002 Ben Woodard <ben@zork.net>
    7 	* Added serialnum feature to HP printers
    9 Teu Dec 4 2001 Mark Benvenuto <markb@cs.columbia.edu>
   10        * Worked around a bug in gcc 2.96
   12 Teu Dec 4 2001 Ben Woodard <ben@zork.net>
   13        * Many many new changes since the last log.
   14        * Started cleaning up the changelog.
   16 Tue Jan 30 2000: Ben Woodard <ben@valinux.com>
   17 	* 0.9 didn't work at all because the pthread create was inside of an 
   18 	assert
   19 	* Fixed all of the places where inappropriate things were inside of 
   20 	asserts.
   21 	* Added an entry in the severity for state 
   22 	5="warningBinaryChangeEvent"
   24 Thu Jan 11 2000: Ben Woodard <ben@valinux.com>
   25 	* Added support for the Xerox 220ST
   27 Sat Jan 16 1999 Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
   28 	* Fixed various bugs that have been piling up for some time.
   29 	* Added support for some new printers.
   31 Fri Jan 16 1999 Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
   32 	* Program is now multithreaded and can handle large numbers of 
   33 	printers on the command line.
   34 	* Added reboot option
   35 	* Removed a bunch of options that don't work out of the man page.
   37 Sun Nov 22 1998: Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
   38 	* Changed over to automake using automake actually tried it on HPUX 
   39 	and solaris I think that my chances of success will be much better.
   41 11-12-1998: Ben Wodoard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
   42 Pretty much swung around to petter's viewpoint on how to make it more portable
   43 put in the const patch and the getopt patch. Made a missing config.h.in. const
   44 patch still needs some work though. I need an autoconf option for it. Took
   45 out the line that trys to add snmp to /etc/services.
   47 11-9-1998: Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
   48 Announced 0.6.4 on freshmeat a couple of days ago and got quite a few responses.
   49 Finally merged in some of damian's patches as well as quite a bit of work done
   50 by Petter Reinholdts to get ports working for HPUX and IRIX. Also added the
   51 infostructure to add objects from the private mibs. Decided that there were
   52 enough changes to call this 0.7.
   55 10-5-1998: Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
   56 Bugs fixed:
   57   --alerts time now works properly. Had order of subtraction reversed.
   58 Features added:
   59   Now appears to work on a solaris boxes.
   61 9-29-1998: Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
   62 Bugs fixed:
   63   --supplies asserted out when tektronix returned some out of bounds type and
   64     units
   65   --printmib and --hostmib didn't register properly on a Color Laserjet 5.
   66 Features added:
   67   made the alert time appear in the number of seconds from the unix epoch
   68     rather than from the printer startup time. This way we can display the time.
   70 9-21-1998: Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
   71 Bug fixed:
   72   --status returned a 2 exit value when you tried to use it on a HP 4 series
   73     printer.
   75 9-16-1998: Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
   76 Note:
   77   Ain't it just the way. The day after you do a release you discover a bug and
   78     and a feature you need.
   79 Features added:
   80   --display now works on HP 4 series printers. Forgot that I would need this
   81     feature when writing pquedisp.pl. Another nasty HP specific hack.
   82 Bugs fixed:
   83   --version now works. The code for this had somehow disappeard.
   85 9-15-1998: Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
   86 Features added:
   87   --status and it even works on older HP's
   88 Bugs fixed:
   89   Fixed more bugs that were causing it to not report properly for any of the
   90     protocol breakouts.
   91   Brought a few places up to current printmib specification so that a it 
   92     wouldn't assert out on the 4500.
   93   Changed the bits for the set flags because they didn't take into acount the 
   94     three reserved bits.
   95   Fixed the way it determines what optparams to stick the parameter's option 
   96     in.
   97   Made it so that 8100's are recognised as modern printers.
   98 Note:
   99   Discovered that setcontact doesn't work on the 5si printers but it does work
  100     on the 4500. Suspect that it is a bug in the 5si firmware. Called HP and 
  101     they added to my previous case HP case#1420924269
  102   Decided that --connection should be an undocumented probably broken feature 
  103     beacuse I can't seem to get it to work properly.
  105 9-14-1998: Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
  106 Bugs fixed:
  107   Fixed a bug that caused it to not properly report port 9100 available status
  108   Previously fixed several bugs with the connection parameter but it still 
  109     doesn't work. The problem seems to be the printers faulty implementation of
  110     the tcp table. I put a request in with HP to fix this at least on the 4500 
  111     which should fix it for the rest of the EIO equipped units.
  112 Features added:
  113   Added the --help option especially for adam.
  115 8-27-1998: Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
  116 Note:
  117   I discovered that the problem with --languages crashing 5M and 5N printers is
  118 a bug in HP printers not this program. HP case#1420924269
  120 8-26-1998: Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
  121 Bugs fixed:
  122   Tiny bug in write_debu_bin where the parameter was only a char and the value
  123     that was being passed into it could easily exceed that.
  124 Bug:
  125   Discovered that --languages crashes 5M and 5N printers.
  127 8-15-1998: Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
  128 Bugs fixed:
  129   Parameters that had arguments such as sets were not working. Optional values 
  130     were not being set.
  131   Set_req_tag not correct.
  133 8-14-1998: Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
  134 Dang I need to remember to write in this file more often.
  135 Features added:
  136   Support for QMS printers (not much since they don't provide much)
  137   Support for Some small xerox printers.
  138   Added timeout for damian a while ago.
  139   Added optimization in the makefile a while ago
  140   More modular code. Made the main function a lot simpler.
  141 Bugs fixed:
  142   Fixed the problems with optimization and the old g++ compiler.
  144 7-31-1998: Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
  145 Bugs fixed:
  146   SNMP log corrupted when doing --netconfig --debugsnmp k2-opsteam
  147   IPaddr's were backward in snmplog
  148   Made it so that strings print out non printable characters in hex.
  149   Fixed a problem where it wasn't listening to sequence numbers. This made
  150     it so that the SNMP library would occasionally be confused. Two identicle
  151     packets were sent and then a different packet. The reply to the second of
  152     the identical packets was misinterpreted as the response to the second
  153     query. Also table lines were sometimes repeated.
  154   Fixed a problem where the lenght of a sequence wasn't being recalculated
  155     properly after something was extracted from it. This showed up when a host
  156     didn't report a default gateway and we tried to resubmit the shortened
  157     packet.
  159 7-30-1998: Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
  160 Hmm. Haven't edited this file in a while. Plenty has changed. This is what I
  161 can remember.
  162 Features added:
  163   --debugsnmp now also puts a hex dump in the snmplog file
  164   configure script now correctly determines if the compiler needs the 
  165     -fhandle-exceptions option
  166 Bugs fixed:
  167   Now works on big endian machines. (phew that was tough)
  168   Spurrious asserts due to IPaddr's length not being set properly fixed.
  169   Spurrious crashed due to decode_status fixed.
  170 Known bugs:
  171   Sure no shell escape characters get passed back
  172   On xerox time too large in alert table make it work.
  173   Model and vendor for QMS printers
  174 Todo:
  175   Make --shell option
  176   List when a protocol or other entry is enabled.
  177   Firmware revisions
  178   Reboot printers
  179   How was a printer's IP info configured
  180   make it so that you can coorelate the time and the alert
  181   make the code more object oriented. Get rid of these linked lists and use
  182     a template container class STL?
  183   make RPM's
  184   make the scripts that turn to put this on the web.
  186 6-19-1998: Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
  187 Features added:
  188   The ability to set variables to the snmp library
  189   The ability to have options that have parameters
  191 Bugs fixed:
  192   Fixed a bug where it put the man page one level too far down.
  193   Fixed a bug where it crashed when you gave it an hostname it couldn't lookup.
  195 6-17-1998: Ben Woodard <bwoodard@cisco.com>
  197 This is the first beta release of npadmin a tool for working with
  198 network printers. Right now it is designed to be used in shell scripts
  199 to query information about a network printer. In the future it will
  200 also be able to set variables in network printers. It is primarily
  201 designed to work with printers that support RFC 1759. It was developed
  202 on RedHat Linux 5.0 and tested with the following printers:
  203 	HP 5si 
  204 	HP 4000
  205 	Lexmark Optra S 2450
  206 	Lexmark Optra SC 1275
  207 	Lexmark Optra N
  208 	Xerox Docucenter 230 SE
  209 	Tektronix 560
  211 Todo:
  212 	better error state passing between the library and npadmin
  213 	figure out how the printer's IP address was configured.
  214         Is this a printer
  215    	firmware uploader
  216    	take out asserts
  217    	make it possible to set variables
  218    	printout modes html, human, shell
  219    	verbosity switches
  220    	range of ipaddr
  221    	filter out alerts
  222    	find printers on subnet
  223    	64bit clean
  224    	Do marker colorant table