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    1 v1.47
    3         o Fix "no VLAN support for XXX"-related problems
    5         o Fix truncated/garbled output (e.g. SIP over SLL/Linux cooked sockets)
    7         o Change exit behavior to match BSD & GNU grep (see manpage)
    9         o Add Solaris IPnet support
   11         o Update to use 32bit values where relevant
   13         o Emit frame # in header, useful for reference/analysis
   15         o Emit total received, matched upon exit (dropped unreliable PCAP stats)
   17         o Import debian patches related to autotools, manpage, and compilation
   18           on other platforms
   20         o Fix build clean/distclean when not linked against provided GNU regex
   22         o Fix build --enable/--disable flag processing
   24         o Fix building under MS VS2012 / Win32
   26         o Update to latest autotools (2017)
   28 v1.46.1
   30         o actual bugfix for the VLAN parsing issue.  prior version 1.46 expanded
   31           the BPF filter to include IPv4/6 traffic, but the offset calculation
   32           forgot to account for the variable presence of VLAN headers.  now
   33           ngrep detects VLAN frames in every packet and adjusts the offset on
   34           the fly.
   36 v1.46
   38         o configure.in: re-organized, in part to sync with downstream patches
   39           (which were never sent upstream)
   41         o configure.in: removed included PCRE library, now builds against system
   42           version when specified (default is included GNU Regex)
   44         o configure.in: fixed duplicate PCAP header check, which broke with the
   45           release of libpcap 1.0
   47         o configure.in: prefixed all tack-on autoconf variables from _FOO -> EXTRA_FOO
   49         o Makefile.in: capitulated to Debian: use tar.gz instead of tar.bz2 :-(
   51         o ngrep.c: Call setlocale to make isprint() work based on current
   52           locale.  See https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=307496++
   54         o include tcpkill functionality (-K), a long-standing downstream patch
   55           under Debian
   57         o updated to latest autoconf
   59         o updated copyrights to 2014
   61 v1.45
   63         o fixed bug where setting the snaplen smaller than the minimum
   64           necessary to read the full headres would cause garbage to be
   65           fed into the pattern matcher
   67         o fixed unreported bug in IPv6/TCP packet length calculation
   69         o relocated the privilege-dropping routine to be invoked right
   70           before entering the packet processing loop, to prevent
   71           interference with necessary permissions to read or write
   72           dumpfiles/etc.
   74         o fixed integer overflow with the snaplen that resulted from
   75           an implicit signed/unsigned conversion
   77         o minor change to compensate for some broken compiler
   78           optimizers
   80         o fixed double-free race condition during ngrep termination
   82         o reworked packet length calculation in the main processing
   83           loop, improving performance and readability
   85         o simplified regex build logic in configure and Makefile
   87         o updated Win32 version to use config.h for preprocessor
   88           definitions instead of the Visual Studio project files,
   89           making manual tweaking and config of ngrep for Win32
   90           consistent with *NIX and more obvious
   92         o changed third-party Makefiles to properly clean up after
   93           themselves
   95         o added support for radiotap (IEEE802_11_RADIO)
   97         o changed ``-s 0'' invocation to mimic the equivalent of tcpdump
   99 v1.44
  100         o added post-config section to configure: emit important
  101           config option settings that weren't previously indicated
  103         o for BSD platforms, only emit pcap_restart warning from
  104           configure if ``--disable-pcap-restart'' hasn't been
  105           specified
  107         o added IPv6 and ICMPv6 support (all platforms); disabled by
  108           default for common case where libpcap wasn't compiled with
  109           IPv6 support
  111         o added support for displaying protocol number (``-N''),
  112           useful for when observing raw packets
  114         o added support for new display method ``single'', similar to
  115           ``byline'' but both header and data occupy one single line
  117         o introduced multiple levels of quiet (``-q''); the more it is
  118           specified the more quiet ngrep becomes
  120         o reorganization of some internal support headers and core
  121           code to eliminate redundancy, improve readability and
  122           efficiency, and support new features
  124         o changed all integer types to be bit- and sign-explicit
  126 v1.43
  127         o healed the win32 code fork: ngrep now builds from the same
  128           source tree for all platforms including Windows
  130         o re-wrote the privilege revocation logic after problems were
  131           reported with the SPC version, and removed non-root
  132           drop_privs capability altogether
  134         o fix off-by-one bug which caused ngrep to exit 1 packet early
  135           when ``-A'' as invoked
  137         o Fixed problematic configtest for old broken-redhat-glibc UDP
  138           header
  140         o ngrep now sets a pcap filter "ip" by default, if one is not
  141           specified
  143         o header offset fix to 802.11 processing
  145         o support IGMP and Raw (unknown IP protocol) type packets
  147         o support for latest versions of libpcap (0.8.3) and winpcap
  148           (3.1 beta 4)
  150         o updated configure to autoconf 2.59, and config.guess and
  151           config.sub to latest versions
  153         o updated PCRE from 3.4 to 5.0
  155         o and various minor changes and updates to improve ngrep
  157 v1.42
  158         o rewrote the entire configure.in/config.h.in to autoconf 2.57
  159           to be more consistent with normal autoconf'd programs.
  160           corrects bugs around packaging impediments and typos
  162         o improved privilege dropping code and added more options to
  163           configure to govern its behaviour
  165         o added flag to turn off privilege revocation logic
  167         o added multiline match as default and ability to enforce
  168           previous default single-line match (bugfix + feature)
  170         o added ability to read bpf filter expression from file
  172         o added ability to force the column width to a certain size
  174         o added two new output modes: ``byline'', whose output
  175           respects embedded carriage returns (useful for http dumps),
  176           and ``none'', which prints out each dump as a single line no
  177           matter what
  179         o added ability to specify alternate nonprintable character
  180           (default is ``.'')
  182         o made ``-q'' effects more consistent and usable for scenarios
  183           where ``-I'' and/or ``-O'' are being employed
  185         o documentation updated
  187 v1.41
  188         o added -S (set limitlen)
  189         o added LOOP and SLL tests for portability/old libpcap'en
  190         o added configure --safe-user and dropprivs code
  191         o added TCP ECN congestion header recognition
  192         o improved support for a few OSes
  193         o relaxed some restrictions in the license (COPYRIGHT -> LICENSE)
  194         o 802.11 support
  196 v1.40.1
  197         o MacOS X support
  198         o ISDN (SLL) support
  199         o OpenBSD tun device support
  200         o updated configure.in to support specifying pcap directory
  201         o updated config.sub and config.guess
  202         o added scripts/multi.pl, parallel ngrep perl script
  203         o very minor change to documentation
  205 v1.40
  206         o license change, amends the BSD advertising clause
  207         o fixed bug from not considering caplen in payload length
  208           calculations
  209         o added -s (set bpf caplen)
  210         o fixed header include for linux glibc 2.2 (time.h wasn't
  211           being included)
  213 v1.39.2
  214         o typographical error, -p works now
  216 v1.39.1
  217         o added in AIX includes
  218         o added BSD* includes for display updates
  219         o added -p (don't go into promiscuous mode)
  221 v1.39
  222         o in standard match mode, the display now updates when window
  223           sizes change
  224         o configure now gives the user the option to compile with the
  225           pcre library, which is more license-friendly (albeit slower)
  226         o fixed minor bug in date printing with -t
  227         o added configure option '--without-restart', which will
  228           remove the pcap restart API call.  Newer versions of libpcap
  229           don't need it, and on certain platforms the API call
  230           segfaults
  231         o win32: compiled with winpcap's pcap.h, which apparently
  232           breaks the pcap standard and introduces its own data link
  233           layer types.  fixes the 'unsupported interface' error folks
  234           sometimes got when used with a 100bT adapter
  236 v1.38
  237         o binary matching
  238         o windows compilation support
  239         o 64-bit clean patch to regex.c
  240         o dump and replay pcap_dump files
  241         o officially licensed under the BSD license
  242         o normal and diff/delta timestamps
  244 v1.37
  245         o added FDDI support
  247 v1.36
  248         o added -l (line buffer stdout)
  249         o a few optimizations were made to shave off some cpu cycles
  250           spent on processing each packet
  251         o fixed bug where the blank regex algorithm wasn't even being
  252           used
  253         o fixed bug in blank regex algorithm that was preventing '-n'
  254           from working
  255         o change to compile on LinuxPPC
  256         o change to nix potential warnings on other OSes
  257         o change to not exit if pcap_lookupnet fails
  259 v1.35
  260         o appears that the release of 1.34 had only one of the
  261           match optimizations: somehow only the tcp match was updated;
  262           udp change was omitted.  fixed
  263         o moved -v (version) to -V
  264         o added -v (grep -v), invert match
  265         o added -d lo (null linktype)
  266         o added ability to match proto icmp
  267         o updated configure.in to handle old installations of pcap
  268           more gracefully (i.e. continue on by adding the necessary
  269           defines and just gripe)
  271 v1.34
  272         o merged in patch from Andrew W. Flury <aflury@nas.nasa.gov>
  273           for hex printing, made minor modification to patch to not
  274           print off the end of the buffer
  275         o added an optimization for the case where no regex was
  276           specified; should account for a little speed up
  278 v1.33
  279         o fragment changes, this should be it
  281 v1.32
  282         o switched around regex -w/-i logic
  283         o fragment bugfixes
  285 v1.31
  286         o added -A (match after)
  287         o Makefile.in changes
  288         o configure.in changes for solaris
  289         o added manpage (ngrep.8)
  291 v1.30
  293         o bugfix: wasn't malloc'ing enough for word_regex
  294         o bugfix: case-insensitive was tolower()ing the word_regex
  295           itself
  297 v1.29
  299         o added -e (show empty)
  300         o one or two safe, preemptive changes catching possible int
  301           overflows
  303 v1.28
  305         o added -n
  306         o no required arguments anymore
  307         o regex's are not required anymore, can just be bpf logic
  308         o probably a bugfix or two