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    1 C     This is part of the netCDF package.
    2 C     Copyright 2005 University Corporation for Atmospheric Research/Unidata.
    3 C     See COPYRIGHT file for conditions of use.
    5 C     This is the error handling function for some of the F77
    6 C     tests. This error handler comes from the netcdf tutorial.
    8 C     $Id: handle_err.F,v 1.1 2009/06/07 13:17:26 ed Exp $
   10 C     This subroutine handles errors by printing an error message and
   11 C     exiting with a non-zero status.
   12       subroutine handle_err(errcode)
   13       implicit none
   14       include 'netcdf.inc'
   15       integer errcode
   17       print *, 'Error: ', nf_strerror(errcode)
   18       stop 2
   19       end