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    1 netbiffd-imap is the netbiff backend that connects to IMAP4 servers. It can
    2 run in both regular login mode and in preauthenticated mode (preauthenticated
    3 mode is for when you have a user level account on the imap server).
    5 It can be started as:
    7 netbiffd-imap preauth /etc/rimapd
    8 	This indicates a preauthenticated session in which /etc/rimapd (the
    9 traditional location for such sessions) is executed.  
   11 or
   13 netbiffd-imap login hostname username [password]
   14 	This indicates that a login should be performed with the given
   15 username and password.  If the password is omitted, it will be requested with
   16 item tag "secret/password". The hostname should be of the form:
   17   host[:port][/ssl]
   18 where
   19   - host is the remote hostname
   20   - port specifies the remote port; this defaults to 143 for non-ssl
   21     connections, and 993 for ssl connections
   22   - ssl indicates that ssl should be used to connect; note that the STARTTLS
   23     directive is not currently supported.
   24 Examples:
   25   mail.example.com          # default settings, port 143, no ssl
   26   mail.example.com:1043     # custom port, no ssl
   27   mail.example.com/ssl      # ssl, default port becomes 993
   28   mail.example.com/ssl:1000 # ssl with a custom port
   30 Once authentication has been established (either through login or preauth),
   31 the process waits for folder specifications or poll requests. When a poll
   32 request is given, the IMAP4 STATUS command is used to determine the number of
   33 messages in each folder marked with the \Unseen flag.
   35 The logic is such:
   37 if the number of recent messages has increased
   38   send update
   39 else if the number of recent messages has decreased
   40   send reset
   41 else
   42   do nothing