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4.9.22 PushPrefs

Syntax: PushPrefs [n]
Abbreviation: PUSHP

pushes n copies of the user preferences onto a stack. If not specified, n defaults to one. Use the PopPrefs command to pop preferences off the stack and restore the values. See PopPrefs. Note that the preferences stack is global, not document-specific, so you could PushPrefs one document’s preferences, switch documents, then PopPrefs those preferences, thereby altering the preferences for the second document. The maximum preferences stack depth is 32.

PushPrefs and PopPrefs are useful in macros that require certain preferences to work properly. A macro can PushPrefs, change any preferences necessary, do its work, then PopPrefs to restore the users previous preferences settings.

PushPrefs saves the following values on the preferences stack:

  AutoIndent  DelTabs   NoFileReq    StatusBar  VisualBell
  AutoPrefs   DoUndo    PreserveCR   ShiftTabs  WordWrap
  Binary      FreeForm  ReadOnly     Tabs
  CaseSearch  HexCode   RightMargin  TabSize
  ClipNumber  Insert    SearchBack   UTF8Auto