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    1 Acknowledgments:
    3 The previous authors who did most of the real work on "compress"!
    4    Spencer W. Thomas   (decvax!harpo!utah-cs!utah-gr!thomas)
    5    Jim McKie           (decvax!mcvax!jim)
    6    Steve Davies        (decvax!vax135!petsd!peora!srd)
    7    Ken Turkowski       (decvax!decwrl!turtlevax!ken)
    8    James A. Woods      (decvax!ihnp4!ames!jaw)
    9    Joe Orost           (decvax!vax135!petsd!joe)
   10    Dave Mack           (csu@alembic.acs.com)
   12 Thanks to Peter Jannesen for the "ncompress" update, and to the people
   13 who helped him out in the process:
   14 Also thanks to Frans Meulenbroeks, Jan Christiaan van Winkel,
   15 Peter van Hooft and the testers of comp.sources.reveiwed for testing
   16 this version on different platforms.
   18 -- 
   19 Mike Frysinger