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    1 In this directory you will find Visual C++ project files created by Mika
    3 Note that these project files require Visual C++ 2015.
    5 To compile muscle, do the following:
    7 1. Open the "muscle.sln" solution file in VC++
    9 2. Click Build->Build Solution
   11 3. Sit back and relax.  The muscle build should complete in a minute or two.
   13 4. Open the new "Build" folder that is created inside vc++14.  You should see
   14    three files there: admin.exe, muscled.exe, and muscle.lib. You can run
   15    your server with muscled.exe, and maintain it with admin.exe.  You can
   16    build your own apps and link them against muscle.lib.
   18 -Mika Lindqvist (aka "Monni")