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    1 This folder contains some Python3 code which implements client-side
    2 support for the MUSCLE protocol for the Python language/environment.
    3 The code here has been updated to run in Python 3 rather than Python 2.
    4 File in this folder include:
    6 message.py - Python implementation of the MUSCLE Message class.
    7              This typed-data container class forms the heart of
    8              the MUSCLE protocol.
   10 message_transceiver_thread.py - A networking utility class that provides
   11                                 a separate thread that will send and receive
   12                                 Message objects over a TCP connection for you.
   13                                 Using this to connect to a MUSCLE server or
   14                                 peer is much easier than trying to do it
   15                                 yourself using select(), etc.
   17 storage_reflect_constants.py - This file contains some constants that
   18                                are meaningful to the default MUSCLE server.
   19                                The constants' names and values are the same
   20                                as they are for the C++ implementation.
   22 python_chat.py - A VERY simple Python-based BeShare chat client, to
   23                  demonstrate how to use the Python MUSCLE APIs.
   26 All public methods in these files are commented, and most files 
   27 have well-commented testing stubs at the bottom that demonstrate 
   28 how to use the class.