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muscle::QMessageTransceiverThread class (API)

#include "qtsupport/QMessageTransceiverThread.h"

QMessageTransceiverThread is a Qt-specific subclass of MessageTransceiverThread.

It adds some glue code, so that incoming events emit Qt signals (so no need to call MessageTransceiverThread::GetNextEventFromInternalThread() manually, instead just connect() the appropriate signals from the QMessageTransceiverThread object to the appropriate slots in your Qt/GUI object(s))

Try compiling and running the mini-example-program in muscle/qtsupport/qt_example (enter qmake; make to compile qt_example.app, and then run qt_example.app from Terminal or via its icon. See the README.txt in that folder for more details)

Quick links to source code of relevant test programs: