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    1 OpenGL Overlay
    2 ==============
    4 The OpenGL overlay works by intercepting the call to switch buffers, and just
    5 before the buffer switch, we draw our nice GUI.
    7 To load a game with the overlay enabled, start the game like this:
    8   LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/libmumble.so.1.1 gamename
   10 If you have Mumble installed through the binary packages, this can be done by
   11 simply typing:
   12   mumble-overlay gamename
   14 Global Keyboard Events
   15 ======================
   17 On Linux, Mumble supports reading the kernel input devices. To use this,
   18 make sure mumble can open /dev/input/event* for reading. To test it out,
   19 that should only require:
   20   sudo chmod a+r /dev/input/event*
   21 However, be aware that this will most likely only last until the next reboot
   22 (at which point devfs is recreated) and you also allow any program run by any
   23 user to monitor the physical keyboard.
   25 Without this, Mumble will continuously poll the mouse and keyboard state for
   26 changes, which will use a tiny bit of processing power.