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    1 Introduction
    2 ************
    4 This is the README for `multirun', a shell script to display the output of
    5 several programs on the screen at once.
    7 For example, I have a script which is run every time my machine goes online.
    8 It simultaneously sends all queued mail, fetches email from 3 different
    9 accounts, downloads a set of files, uploads another set of files, and
   10 downloads any web pages scheduled for download by the `wwwoffle' cacheing
   11 proxy server.
   13 Since all of these things happen at once, their output mixes on the screen
   14 in a confusing manner.  They do each write to their own log file, but I also
   15 want to be able to see what they are doing *as they do it*, without having
   16 to switch consoles continually.
   18 So, I wrote `multirun'.  This script can run all of those programs and give
   19 each one a separate portion of the screen for its output, giving the effect
   20 of multiple "windows".  It doesn't use ncurses or anything like that, just
   21 `stty', `awk' and the standard Linux console driver.  (`screen' terminals
   22 are also known to work).
   24 For documentation and help, do `multirun --help', which will list all of the
   25 available options.  Alternatively you could look at the supplied example,
   26 `example.sh', for a brief introduction.
   28 Note that you need `bash' to interpret this script.  It has not been tested
   29 on anything previous to bash-1.14.
   32 Author
   33 ******
   35 MULTIRUN is copyright (C) 1999 Andrew Wood, and is being distributed under the
   36 terms of the GNU General Public License.  See the file `COPYING'.
   38 You can contact me by email at andrew.wood@poboxes.com or by using the
   39 submission form on my web page at http://www.poboxes.com/andrew.wood/.
   40 The `multirun' home page is at:
   42   http://www.poboxes.com/andrew.wood/linux/multirun/
   44 The latest version will always be found there.
   46 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------