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    1 ****************************************************************************
    2 * NOTE: Please have a look at the msmtpq scripts by Chris Gianniotis. They *
    3 * provide a more advanced alternative to the msmtpqueue scripts.           *
    4 ****************************************************************************
    7 Scripts to queue mails and send them all at a later point with msmtp.
    9 These scripts may be useful for dialup connections: You can "send" all your
   10 mails offline (they will be queued by msmtp-enqueue.sh) and really send them
   11 all later when you are online (by running msmtp-runqueue.sh).
   13 1. msmtp-enqueue.sh
   14    Let your MUA "send" mails with this script.
   15    It will store all mails in a queue directory for later delivery.
   16    This script will save two files for each mail: one contains the mail, the
   17    other one contains the command line for msmtp (including options and the
   18    recipients). Thus you can use all msmtp options with this script.
   20    Example (using Mutt):
   21      In your Mutt configuration file, replace 
   22      set sendmail="/path/to/msmtp [options]"
   23      with
   24      set sendmail="/path/to/msmtp-enqueue.sh [options]"
   26    This script cannot detect errors in its command line or the msmtp
   27    configuration file. You won't see error messages before msmtp-runqueue.sh 
   28    runs msmtp to send the mails. So test your msmtp configuration before using
   29    msmtp-enqueue.sh.
   31 2. msmtp-runqueue.sh
   32    Run this script when you are online to send all mails in the queue
   33    directory.
   34    It will use the saved msmtp command line for each mail.
   35    Mails sent successfully will be deleted from the queue directory.
   36    Mails whose delivery failed will be left untouched; you may want to edit
   37    them, delete them by hand or simply run msmtp-runqueue.sh at a later time.
   39 3. msmtp-listqueue.sh
   40    This script lists all the mails in the queue.
   42 Notes:
   43 - If you want to change the queue directory, change the value of QUEUEDIR
   44   in *all* scripts.
   45 - The scripts expect exclusive access to the queue directory. Don't save other
   46   files in it!
   47 - Each mail will be saved in a file called cc-yy-mm-hh.mm.ss[-x].mail where
   48   cc-yy-mm is the current date, hh.mm.ss is the current time, and x is a
   49   consecutive number only appended if you send more than one mail per second.
   50   The msmtp command line will be saved in a file called
   51   cc-yy-mm-hh.mm.ss[-x].msmtp (the same file name with ".msmtp" instead of
   52   ".mail").
   54 These scripts are simple and dumb. Change them to meet your requirements!
   55 Please send any improvements you make to <marlam@marlam.de> for inclusion in
   56 later versions.