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    1 2008-07-28:
    2 - Use '#!/usr/bin/env bash' instead of '#!/bin/sh' because the scripts might
    3   use features that are only available in bash and not in POSIX /bin/sh.
    4 - Avoid the variable name SECONDS in msmtp-runqueue.sh because it is predefined
    5   by bash.
    7 2008-06-12:
    8 - Fix msmtp-runqueue.sh. An error made while applying the previous patch
    9   accidently broke it. Reported by Thomas Weber. Thanks!
   11 2008-01-27:
   12 - Print the recipients of a mail in msmtp-runqueue.sh. Patch by Konrad
   13   Schrempf. Thanks!
   15 2008-01-25:
   16 - Pass options from msmtp-runqueue.sh to msmtp. Patch by Thomas Weber. Thanks!
   18 Version 0.5:
   19 - Added the msmtp-listqueue.sh script, contributed by Andreas Kneib.
   21 Version 0.4:
   22 - Frank Thieme sent the following improvements:
   23   - msmtp-runqueue.sh now uses a lock file to prevent two instances of the
   24     script from running simultaneously.
   25   - msmtp-enqueue.sh now checks if you're online, and calls msmtp-runqueue.sh
   26     immediately if this is the case.
   27     This functionality is commented out; you have to adapt the online check to
   28     your system before activating it.