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    1 Thanks go to:
    3 - R.I.Pienaar for pointing out the Bcc header issue.
    4 - Kai for the --nostarttls patch and man page corrections.
    5 - Tommy for the bugfixes made in 0.5.3
    6 - Jess Mahan for debian packages and tips for GNU Autotools support
    7 - Christophe Nowicki for GNU Autotools support
    8 - David MacMahon for the original --pretend and --debug patch
    9 - Dave Librik for suggesting the -i option for mail(1) compatibiliy
   10 - Martin Hauke for help with the logfile command, testing, suggestions,
   11   bug reports, README.hpux and more
   12 - Jim Fohlin for good suggestions and lots of testing
   13 - Jay Soffian for Mac OS X keychain support
   14 - Satoru SATOH for GNOME Keyring support
   15 - Gaizka Villate and Emmanuel Bouthenot for msmtp-gnome-tool.py
   16 - Martin Stenberg for passwordeval support
   18 - all senders of bug reports and problem descriptions