News - 3.x

Release 3.12 - 2014/01/29


  • Added a new system variable mroonga_lock_timeout. By changing this global variable, You can customize Groonga’s lock timeout dynamically.

  • Improved compatibility with Tritonn ‘W’ pragma’s behaviour. In the previous versions, Mroonga used omitted section as weight 0. By this change, Mroonga uses omitted section as weight 1. This behaviour is same as Tritonn. [#2152] [Patch by Kenji Maruyama]


  • Fixed a crash bug on FLUSH TABLES during SELECT MATCH AGAINST … [#2137] [Reported by yoku]

  • Fixed wrong implementation for “W” pragma. It was changed to 1-origin. [#2151] In the previous versions, “W” pragma is implemented as 0-origin, but it is not compatible with Tritonn. This is incompatible change, please check existing query which use “W” pragma.

  • Fixed a bug that searching empty records with “NOT” query returns duplicated results. [#2215] [groonga-dev,02052] [Reported by Naoya Murakami]


  • yoku

  • Naoya Murakami

Release 3.11 - 2013/12/29


  • [deb] Dropped Debian 6.0 (squeeze) support.

  • [deb] Dropped Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid) support.

  • [storage] Supported optimization for “MATCH AGAINST AND INT_COLUMN OPERATOR XXX ORDER BY LIMIT” query. The OPERATOR in this query supports ‘<’, ‘>’, ‘<=’ and ‘>=’. [groonga-dev,01940] [Reported by Horikoshi Yuki]

  • [storage] Supported optimization for “MATCH AGAINST AND DATETIME_COLUMN OPERATOR XXX ORDER BY LIMIT” query. The OPERATOR in this query supports ‘<’, ‘>’, ‘<=’ and ‘>=’. [groonga-dev,01943] [Suggested by yoku]

  • [storage] Supported optimization for “MATCH AGAINST AND TIME_COLUMN OPERATOR XXX ORDER BY LIMIT” query. The OPERATOR in this query supports ‘<’, ‘>’, ‘<=’ and ‘>=’.

  • [doc] Renamed documentation from ‘UserGuide’ to ‘Tutorial’.

  • [doc] Added ‘FAQ’ section for documentation.

  • [doc] Added independant section for ‘Full text search’.

  • [storage] Supported ‘BETWEEN’ for INT_COLUMN, DATETIME_COLUMN and TIME_COLUMN. Note that it requres Groonga 3.1.1 or later. [groonga-dev,01943] [Suggested by yoku]

  • Supported MariaDB 10.0.7 (it doesn’t released yet.) [#1964]

  • Dropped support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or previous versions.

  • Dropped Fedora 19 support.

  • Supported Fedora 20.

  • Dropped mysql-mroonga package on CentOS 5. Use mysql55-mroonga package instead.


  • [storage] Fixed a bug that MySQL crashes on ‘LOCK TABLE .. READ’ when dumping/restoring. [#2098]

  • Fixed wrong implementation for “*D-” pragma. [#2099]

  • Fixed a memory leak on full text search. It affects such as “MATCH AGAINST … ORDER BY LIMIT …”. [#2144]


  • Horikoshi Yuki

  • yoku

Release 3.10 - 2013/11/29


  • Supported MariaDB 10.0.6.

  • [plugin][mroonga_snippet] Improved to report not supported charset in error message.


  • Fixed multi range read disk sweep issue. [groonga-dev,01715] [#1959] The problem that query which has “WHERE IN (…)” clause causes an error is fixed. [Reported by Kimura]

  • Fixed SEGV issue with trunk version of MariaDB [#1958]

  • Fixed a bug that geometry column is not properly updated by ‘REPLACE INTO’ or ‘INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE’ query. [#2057]

  • Fixed compiler warnings on Windows. [#1964]

  • Fixed the issue that vector column is no properly updated by ‘REPLACE INTO’ query. [#2064]

  • [mariadb10.0.5] Fixed build error which is derived from changed directory structure. [#2066]

  • Fixed a bug that shorter column name such as “_i” is treated as “_id” which is special column. [#2085] [Reported by Alexander Barkov]


  • Kimura

  • Alexander Barkov

Release 3.09 - 2013/10/29


  • Supported Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander).

  • [rpm][centos] Supported rpm packages for MySQL 5.5 on CentOS 5. It provides mysql55-mroonga to support mysql55-mysql packages. [groonga-dev,01860] [Reported by WING]


  • [wrapper] Fixed a memory leak. It occurs when wrapper handler doesn’t destroy mutexes properly. MyISAM is known as effected storage engine.

  • [wrapper] Fixed a bug that force index causes crush for MySQL 5.6. [#2015] [groonga-dev,01867] [Reported by Ichiro Yasuda]


  • WING

  • Ichiro Yasuda

Release 3.08 - 2013/9/29


  • [doc] Added missing description about wrapper mode specific issue. [groonga-dev,01747] [Reported by Kazuhiro Isobe]

  • [mroonga_escape] Supported to call mroonga_escape as an argument of UDF. [#1923] [Reported by Tomoatsu Shimada]

  • [doc] Added language annotation to “Show Source” label. [groonga-dev,01747] [Reported by Kazuhiro Isobe]

  • [wrapper] Supported REPAIR TABLE for broken groonga database. [groonga-dev,01540] [Suggested by Naoya Murakami]

  • Supported MariaDB 10.x build with configure [groonga-dev,01727] [Reported by WING]


  • Fixed a bug that mroonga is accidentally removed on upgrade. [#1918] [Reported by @ceekz]

  • Fixed a bug that mysqld 32bit executable binary crashes when install plugin on Windows.

  • [storage][mariadb] Fixed a memory for mroonga_log_file. This memory leak occurs when log file name is changed.


  • Kazuhiro Isobe

  • Tomoatsu Shimada

  • @ceekz

  • Naoya Murakami

  • WING

Release 3.07 - 2013/8/29


  • Added mroonga_escape() UDF which escapes special characters in query for BOOLEAN MODE. [groonga-dev,01576] [Suggested by Kouhei Tanabe]

  • Supported VARCHAR equal expression in WHERE clause for ORDER BY LIMIT optimization.

  • Supported MariaDB 5.5.32 timestamp.

  • Supported MariaDB 10.0.4. [Reported by WING] [Reported by yoku ts]


  • [mariadb] Fixed a crash bug when installing plugin on Windows.

  • [storage][mysql55] Fixed a bug that changing column that has index fails. [groonga-talk] [Reported by Chang] This bug affects the case that FULLTEXT INDEX (column1) is changed by ALTER TABLE table1 CHANGE column1 column1 new_column_definition for example.

  • [doc][wrapper] Fixed incorrect description about condition of ORDER BY LIMIT optimization.

  • [storage] Disabled ORDER BY LIMIT optimization for not indexed VARCHAR condition. It should be indexed to handle COLLATION properly.

  • Fixed a bug that missing internal flag causes crash on MySQL 5.6.13.


  • Kouhei Tanabe

  • Chang

  • WING

  • yoku ts

Release 3.06 - 2013/7/29


  • Added mroonga_action_on_fulltext_query_error session variable. This affects how to report errors about invalid escape. [groonga-dev,01529] [Reported by Kouhei Tanabe]

  • Supported count skip optimization for wrapper mode even though MySQL 5.5 or MariaDB 10.x. [#1841] [groonga-dev,01523] [Reported by Naoya Murakami] This optimization does not work if you use wrapper mode with storage engine which supports transaction.

  • Supported Fedora 19.

  • Dropped Fedora 18 support.


  • Kouhei Tanabe

  • Naoya Murakami

Release 3.05 - 2013/6/29


  • Added warnings for truncated date data. [#1768] [Suggested by Y.Kentaro]

  • Supported MySQL 5.6.12. [Reported by WING]

  • Added documentation about troubleshooting.

  • Supported to enable fast mutexes option by build configuration. [#1760] [Reported by WING]


  • Fixed a bug that three or more sections in W pragma doesn’t work. [#1770] [Reported by shizuin]

  • Fixed build error with “-O2”. [Reported by Y.Kentaro]

  • Fixed a memory leak by re-registration of normalizers/mysql.

  • Fixed a crush bug when updating with DISABLE KEYS. [#1759]

  • [doc] Fixed a wrong translation about status variable of optimization in wrapper mode. [Reported by YOSHIDA Mitsuo]

  • Fixed a crush bug when no where clause with ORDER BY ... LIMIT is specified. [Reported by @memorycraft]

  • Fixed a bug that data is hidden when LOCK TABLES and ENABLE KEYS are used same time. [#1778] [Reported by Y.Kentaro]


  • Y.Kentaro

  • WING

  • shizuin

  • YOSHIDA Mitsuo

  • @memorycraft

Release 3.04 - 2013/5/29


  • Improved MariaDB 10.0.2 support. [#1729]

  • [doc] Updated supported SQL command list. [Reported by Y.Kentaro]

  • Dropped Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) support.

  • Supported mroonga bundled MariaDB package. [#1691]

  • [wrapper] Stopped to parse column comment. [Reported by Y.Kentaro]

  • Stopped to validate normal column comment. [Reported by Y.Kentaro]

  • Improved the way to detect directory which contains libmysqlservices.a. [Reported by Y.Kentaro]

  • Improved to accept free style normal comment in table/index comment. [Suggested by Y.Kentaro]

  • Supported “W” pragma. This feature is derived from Tritonn.

  • Supported mroonga_command() without the current database. [Reported by Y.Kentaro]

  • Improved to use auto_increment value for creating table. [#1741]

  • Improved to keep the value of auto_increment even though latest record is deleted. [#1738]

  • [doc] Added documentation how to install mroonga on Windows.

  • Added install SQL for initial setup. [groonga-dev,01434] [Suggested by Kazuhiko]

  • Supported Debian 8.0 (jessie)


  • Fixed a bug that empty query search causes SEGV. [groonga-dev,01346] [Reported by Nakai Kanako]

  • Fixed a package build error depend on directory existence. [groonga-dev,01335] [Reported by WING] [Patch by yoku ts]

  • Fixed a missing build dependency to groonga-normalizer-mysql package. [Patch by Y.Kentaro]

  • Fixed a bug that the value of Mroonga_log_level can’t be set in my.cnf. [groonga-dev,01379] [Reported by Kazuhiro Isobe]

  • Fixed a memory leak that default tokenizer is not correctly freed.

  • [wrapper] Fixed a bug that comment is changed for alter table without engine name causes a missing table. [Reported by Y.Kentaro]


  • Y.Kentaro

  • Nakai Kanako

  • WING

  • yoku ts

  • Kazuhiro Isobe

  • Kazuhiko

Release 3.03 - 2013/4/29


  • [doc] Added documentation about table limitations. [groonga-dev,01281] [Reported by Kazuhiro Isobe]

  • [doc] Added mroonga_command documentation.

  • Supported default_tokenizer as table parameter in comment.

  • Supported using existing table as lexicon not only “FULLTEXT INDEX”, but also normal “INDEX”. This change improves compatibility to groonga.

  • Supported MySQL 5.6.11.

  • Supported collation in multiple column index. [groonga-dev,01302] [Reported by Kouhei Tanabe]

  • Supported no parser fulltext index for predictive search by “XXX*” in groonga query syntax.

  • [cmake] Dropped MySQL 5.5.x build support.

  • Supported custom normalizer for FULLTEXT INDEX. Use can specify custom normalizer as a comment. Supported syntax is FULLTEXT INDEX (column) COMMENT 'normalizer "NormalizerXXX"'. [groonga-dev:01303] [Suggested by Kouhei Tanabe]

  • Supported Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail.


  • [storage] Fixed a bug that stored value can’t be searched because of unexpected cast for integer. [#1696] [groonga-dev,01266] [Reported by smztks]

  • [wrapper] Fixed a bug that multiple match against returns invalid aggregated count. [#1702] [groonga-dev,01279] [Reported by Masahiro Furuta]

  • Fixed a bug that mrn_log_level is ignored. [groonga-dev,01290] [Reported by Kazuhiro Isobe]

  • Fixed a bug that mroonga crashes when freeing internal temporary shared object.

  • [doc] Fixed a typo about running mode of storage engine and a long ambiguous sentence. [Reported by Ichiro Suzuki]

  • [mysql55] Fixed a bug that inplace anonymous index recreation cause a crash. [groonga-dev,01319] [Reported by Kouhei Tanabe]


  • smztks

  • Masahiro Furuta

  • Kazuhiro Isobe

  • Kouhei Tanabe

  • Ichiro Suzuki

Release 3.02 - 2013/3/29


  • Improved bundling to MariaDB 10.0 for Linux. [#1644]

  • Added the value of list documentation about mroonga_log_level in reference manual. [groonga-dev,01255] [Reported by Kazuhiro Isobe]

  • [experimental] Added mroonga_command UDF. [#1643] This UDF supports to send query directly to groonga.


  • Fixed a bug that less than conditional expression on WHERE clause doesn’t work for multiple nullable column index. [groonga-dev,01253] [#1670] [Reported by Horikoshi Yuki]

  • [wrapper] Fixed the invalid timing to free key object too early. This bug may occurs when recreating indexes by DISABLE KEYS/ENABLE KEYS. [#1671] [Reported by keigo ito]


  • Kazuhiro Isobe

  • Horikoshi Yuki

  • keigo ito

Release 3.01 - 2013/2/28


  • Supported utf8_unicode_ci and utf8mb4_unicode_ci. Note that groonga-normalizer-mysql >= 1.0.1 is required.

  • [experimental] Supported foreign key for storage mode. [#1612]


  • Fixed groonga derived bug that the records in specific range returns 0 records unexpectedly. [groonga-dev,01192] [Reported by b senboku]

  • Fixed to disable DTrace by default for Mac OS X.


  • b senboku

Release 3.00 - 2013/2/9


  • Supported Fedora 18.

  • Dropped Fedora 17 support.

  • Supported utf8_general_ci and utf8mb4_generic_ci compatible normalizer.

  • [rpm][centos] Supported MySQL 5.6.10 on CentOS 5.


  • [storage] Fixed a groonga derived bug that unique key doesn’t match mixed case keyword. [groonga-dev,01187] [Reported by Kouhei Tanabe]


  • Kouhei Tanabe