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    1 Upgrade Information for previous releases of MRBS:
    2 --------------------------------------------------
    4 If you are upgrading from MRBS 1.2-pre3 or later, then MRBS will
    5 automatically execute any necessary database upgrades when it is first
    6 run.   It will prompt you for a database (not MRBS) username and password
    7 with rights to create and alter tables.
    9 It would be a sensible precaution to take a backup of your database before
   10 the upgrade.
   12 1. Take a backup of your database, just in case
   13 2. Take a backup copy of your existing mrbs directory on your web server
   14 3. Upload all the files and directories, except the config file, in the web
   15    directory of the release to your server, overwriting your existing files.
   16 4. Go to MRBS in your browser. If a database upgrade is required, you'll be
   17    prompted for a database (note database, not MRBS) username and password.
   19 MRBS database upgrades are in general intended to be backwards compatible,
   20 so that you should still be able to run the old version of MRBS against the
   21 new database schema.   This will allow you to install the new version of MRBS
   22 in a separate directory while you configure and test it.   When you are happy
   23 with the new release you can switch the directory to be your production
   24 directory.
   26 There are however some exceptions to this backward compatibility, namely at
   27 the following transitions:
   29 MRBS -> 1.4.5
   31 In these cases you will not be able to run the old version of MRBS against
   32 the upgraded database.   You may therefore choose to make a copy of the
   33 database for test purposes and check that the upgrade process works before
   34 performing the upgrade on your production database.
   36 See the advice in INSTALL about potentially creating a fresh "config.inc.php"
   37 when you upgrade MRBS, especially for a major version change.
   39 Upgrading from prior to MRBS 1.8.0
   40 ==================================
   42 The following configuration settings have changed:
   43     $area_list_format         Redundant. All area and room lists are now select elements.
   44     $display_calendar_bottom  Redundant. The mini-calendars have moved.
   45     $max_slots                Redundant. The code has been rewritten.
   46     $simple_trailer           Redundant. There is no longer a trailer!
   48 The following $strftime_format settings have changed:
   49     'day_month'   redundant
   50     'dayname_cal' replaced by 'minical_dayname'
   51     'month_cal'   replaced by 'minical_monthname'
   52     'monthyear'   replaced by 'view_month'
   55 Upgrading from prior to MRBS 1.7.1
   56 ==================================
   58 The $year_range configuration setting has been abandoned.   If you have
   59 it in your config file it won't do anything.
   62 Upgrading from prior to MRBS 1.7.0
   63 ==================================
   65 As a security measure, custom HTML for areas and rooms has been disabled by
   66 default, since it could be used to insert malicious JavaScript.  However, if
   67 you trust your admins you can re-enable it by setting the following in the
   68 config file:
   70 $auth['allow_custom_html'] = true;
   73 Upgrading from prior to MRBS 1.6.0
   74 ==================================
   76 If you upgrade to MRBS 1.6.0 and use your old config.inc.php file, you must
   77 add a line near to the top of the file, just after the <?php tag, to make
   78 the file read:
   80 <?php
   81 namespace MRBS;
   84 Upgrading from prior to MRBS 1.5.0
   85 ==================================
   87 MRBS's default authentication scheme changed from 'config' to 'db' with
   88 the release of MRBS 1.5.0. If you had previously used the 'config' scheme
   89 without specifically stating this in your config.inc.php you will need
   90 to make a change to your config.inc.php after upgrading to MRBS 1.5.0. The
   91 change you need is:
   93 $auth["type"] = "config";
   96 Upgrading from prior MRBS 1.4.9
   97 ===============================
   99 MRBS now supports the $vocab_override config variable.   See
  100 systemdefaults.inc.php for more details.  If you have customised your version
  101 of MRBS by editing the lang files, you are advised to use $vocab_override instead.
  102 This will make future upgrades easier.
  105 Upgrading from prior MRBS 1.4.6
  106 ===============================
  108 If you were previously using MRBS with $unicode_encoding set to 0, when
  109 you upgrade to 1.4.6 you _MUST_ upgrade the MySQL database from the
  110 previously used character set to Unicode :
  112           You need to use the convert_db_to_utf8.php script to convert text
  113           in the database to UTF8. The administrator should copy the file
  114           into the web directory, run it (choosing the encoding to convert
  115           from) ONCE, and then move it back out of the web directory. We
  116           recommend you backup your database before running this script if
  117           you are at all worried.
  118           Running it more than once will make a right mess of any non-ASCII
  119           text in the database.
  121           Additionally, this script can correct an MRBS database that used
  122           to run on an old version of MySQL (earlier than 4.1), but that
  123           now run on a newer version of MySQL. In this case, the database
  124           contains UTF-8 text, but the tables are considered to be in some
  125           other encoding by MySQL, generally Latin-1. The
  126           convert_db_to_utf8.php detects this condition, and offers
  127           the administrator the chance to correct the database 'collation'.
  129 ===
  131 The following configuration variables are now deprecated.   Their use is
  132 supported for the moment but you should change your config file now to
  133 use the new variables as support for the old variables may be dropped in the
  134 future:
  136 $mail_settings['admin_all']        replaced by  $mail_settings['on_new'] and
  137                                                 $mail_settings['on_change']
  138 $mail_settings['admin_on_delete']  replaced by  $mail_settings['on_delete']
  139 $dateformat                        replaced by  $strftime_format['daymonth']
  142 Upgrading from prior MRBS 1.4.5
  143 ===============================
  144 MRBS 1.4.5 introduces the concept of tentative bookings, or bookings that
  145 require confirmation.   To avoid confusion, what were previously known as
  146 "provisional bookings" have now been renamed "bookings requiring approval"
  147 and the config variable $provisional_enabled has been renamed
  148 $approval_enabled.   You should update your config file accordingly.
  150 Please also see the note about database compatibility above.
  153 Upgrading from prior MRBS 1.2-pre3
  154 ==================================
  156 mrbs 1.2-pre3 introduced area and room administrator email fields.
  158 Please apply the upgrade3.my.sql to add these fields. This file should work
  159 both with mysql and pgsql.
  162 Upgrading from prior MRBS 1.2-pre2
  163 ==================================
  165 Upgrading mysql database from previous charsets to Unicode :
  167           You can use convert_db_to_utf8.php script to convert text in the
  168           database to UTF8. The administrator should copy the file into
  169           the web directory, run it (choosing the encoding to convert from)
  170           ONCE, and then move it back out of the web directory. We recommend
  171           you backup your database before running this script if you are at
  172           all worried.
  173           Running it more than once will make a right mess of any non-ASCII
  174           text in the database.
  177 Upgrading from prior to MRBS 1.0 final
  178 ======================================
  180 Please apply the upgrade2.my.sql (if using MySQL) or the
  181 the upgrade2.pg.sql (if using PostgreSQL) script, which
  182 adds a new column to the 'mrbs_repeat' table to support
  183 "n-weekly" repeats.
  186 Upgrading from prior to MRBS 1.0-pre1
  187 ======================================
  189 A change in version 1.0-pre1 might affect the appearance of entries in your
  190 existing database. Prior versions of MRBS did an extra and unnecessary
  191 level of backslash-escaping on room, area, and entry names and
  192 descriptions. This applied to certain characters such as single quote
  193 mark(') and backslash(\). As of version 1.0-pre1, these characters are
  194 handled correctly. If you see extra backslashes when MRBS displays names or
  195 descriptions, it is because these are in actually your database.  You can
  196 edit the entries in MRBS or directly with your database SQL tool, or just
  197 ignore them.
  200 Upgrading from prior to MRBS 0.7
  201 ================================
  202 There was a change to the database schema at version 0.7. See the
  203 information in INSTALL on using the upgrade.my.sql script.