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    1 Meeting Room Booking System
    2 http://mrbs.sourceforge.net/
    3 -------------------------------
    5 The Meeting Room Booking System (MRBS) is a PHP-based application for
    6 booking meeting rooms (surprisingly!). I got annoyed with the piles of books
    7 which were being used to book meetings. They were slow, hard to edit and only
    8 at the reception desk. I thought that a nice web-based system would be much
    9 nicer.
   11 Some parts of this are based on WebCalender 0.9.4 by Craig Knudsen 
   12 (http://www.radix.net/~cknudsen/webcalendar/) but there is now very little
   13 which is similar. There are fundamental design goal differences between
   14 WebCalendar and MRBS - WC is for individuals, MRBS is for meeting rooms.
   16 ------
   17 To Use
   18 ------
   19 See the INSTALL file for installation instructions.
   21 Once it's installed try going to http://yourhost/mrbs/
   23 The first thing you'll need to do is login as an administrator and create
   24 areas and rooms.
   26 The default authentication scheme uses a database table in the MRBS
   27 database. To create the first user click the "User list" link in the
   28 top-right of the page. If there aren't any users defined in your database
   29 yet, you will be able to create the first administrator.
   31 Once you have logged in as an administrator you can click on "Rooms" and
   32 create first an "Area", and then a "Room" within that area.
   34 There are other ways to configure authentication in MRBS, see the
   35 file AUTHENTICATION for a more complete description.
   37 It should be pretty easy to adjust it to your corporate colours - you can
   38 modify the themes under "Themes" or (preferably) copy an existing theme
   39 to a new directory and modify the new theme.
   41 See COPYING for licensing info.
   43 See NEWS for a history of changes.
   45 See AUTHENTICATION for information about user authentication/passwords.
   47 -------------
   48 Requirements:
   49 -------------
   50 - PHP 5.4.0 or above with MySQL and/or PostgreSQL support
   51 - MySQL (5.5.3 and above) or PostgreSQL 8.2 or above.
   52 - Any web server that is supported by PHP
   54 Recommended:
   55 - JavaScript-enabled browser
   56 - CSS-enabled browser
   57 - PHP module connection to the server (also called SAPI) if you want to use any
   58   of the basic http authentication schemes provided.
   60 (If you are considering porting MRBS to another database, see README.sqlapi)
   62 Warning:
   63 - Some users reported errors using some accelerators (APC, PHP Accelerator).
   64   If you get messages like this : "Internal Zend error - Missing class
   65   information for ...", your accelerator is the cause.
   67 ------
   68 Usage:
   69 ------
   70 The current project maintainer reports using it at work with about 150 clients.
   71 Many other reports of successful use have been seen on the MRBS mailing list,
   72 and your report would be welcome there too. Let us know who is using MRBS!