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    1 v0.8.5a - Fixed possible buffer overflow condition in gmp3info (Klaus Singvogel)
    3 v0.8.5  - Added 'make install-mp3info' and 'make install-gmp3info' options to
    4 	  Makefile (Felix Kronlage)
    5 	- Fixed a bug in the windows version that caused it to blow up or give
    6 	  erroneous output on certain MP3 files
    7 	- Added handling of 'free form' bitrate frames, the lack of which was
    8 	  causing segfaults on AMD 64-bit sytems
    9 	- Tweaked code to eliminate various gcc warnings and errors
   10 	- Improved detection of invalid MP3 frames (Ben Bennett)
   11 	- Updated gmp3info for GTK 2 (Eric Lassauge)
   12 	- Miscellaneous documentation updates and corrections
   14 v0.8.4  - Added %k format specifier to allow printing of the file size
   15 	  in formatted text output (-p option) (Thanks to Sascha Luedecke
   16 	  <sascha@meta-x.de>)
   17 	- Rearranged some items in the man page and quick help (-h)
   18 	  to make them more readable.
   19 	- Fixed minor logic bug in mp3tech (pointed out by Moshe
   20 	  Jacobson <moshe@togetherweb.com>)
   21 	- Now compiles under CYGWIN32 (Julia A. Case <julie@MageNet.com>).
   22 	- The following fixes were contributed by Pawel
   23 	  Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
   24 		- Manual page typos fixed
   25 		- Now correctly recognizes and reports MPEG version 2.5 files
   26 		- Clearing individual ID3 fields can now be accomplished
   27 		  by passing a blank argument ("") to any tag setting
   28 		  switch (-t, -a, etc.)
   30 v0.8.3  - Fixed a bug in GTK version that showed garbage or nothing
   31 	  where track information should have been displayed.
   32 	- Fixed a bug that prevented the interactive curses version from
   33 	  changing from one genre to another if the second genre contained
   34           fewer characters than the first.
   35 	- Ricardo Cerqueria contributed the following enhancements:
   36 	- Added a FILE | OPEN menu to the GTK version
   37         - Added a technical information view to the GTK version
   38 	- Added an 'About' box to GTK version
   40 v0.8.2  - Fixed a bug which caused mp3info to erroneously report some 
   41 	  constant bitrate (CBR) files as variable bitrate (VBR) files.
   43 v0.8.1  - Fixed an elusive bug that sometimes caused mp3info to fail to
   44 	  find an ID3 tag even when one was present.
   46 v0.8	- Added the ability to handle VBR (Variable Bit Rate) MP3 files
   47 	- Added the ability to deal with garbage or non-standard headers
   48           at the beginning of a file
   49 	- Added user-specifiable output format with capabilities similar
   50 	  to printf(3)
   51 	- The GTK version now handles read-only files correctly
   52 	- Techincal Info display (-x) greatly improved and is now
   53 	  considered reliable.
   54 	- UNIX man page created for mp3info (console version only)
   55 	- Major internal code re-engineering
   57 v0.7    - Added extended genres (taken from WinAmp).
   58 	- Fixed minor bug in genre list display
   59         - Fixed a bug in the GTK version which set the genre to 'Blues' if 
   60           the MP3 file did not have an existing ID3 tag.
   61         - Help screen and documentation fixed up and edited for clarity.
   62 	- Added -f switch to force MP3Info to process files as if they were
   63 	  MP3's even if they don't contain the standard MP3 header.
   64 	- Added support for ID3 v1.1 tags (track numbers) - Thanks to Don
   65           Melton (don@blivet.com)
   66 	- Added an option (-x) to display technical information about the 
   67           MP3 file.  This is an experimental feature and should not be
   68 	  considered reliable.
   70 v0.6.1  - Fixed a bug introduced in 0.6 that set genre to 'Blues' if no genre
   71 	  was given on the command line and the MP3 file did not have an
   72 	  existing ID3 tag.
   74 v0.6	- As of this version maintenance of mp3info has been taken over 
   75 	  by Cedric Tefft <cedric@phreaker.net>
   76 	- Reworked command-line/curses version to handle processing multiple MP3's.
   77 	- Added the capability to delete an existing ID3 tag (-d switch)
   78 	- Added full text/numeric genre handling to command-line, curses and GTK modes.
   79 	- Added the capability to display the list of valid genres (-G switch)
   80 	- View mode is now determined automatically when no other options are specified.  
   81 	  The -v option is accepted for backward compatibility, but ignored.  It 
   82 	  should probably be removed in a future version.
   83 	- Added ID3 structure to make internal argument passing a little cleaner.
   84 	- Consolidated ID3 tag reading/writing code.
   85 	- Interactive mode now displays existing tags.
   86 	- Modified Makefile to make gmp3info dependant on gmp3info.c
   88 v0.5	- Added genre tag. (Still in numerical form) (Thanks to jsc@arsdigita.com)
   89 	- Corrected a byte ordering bug which affected Sun systems (Thanks to Benjamin Korvemaker)
   90 	- Corrected a permissions bug (Thanks to Carsten Hahn)
   91 	- Fixed a GTK bug in gmp3info. (Thanks go to Thomas Schultz)
   93 v0.4	- gmp3info is now part of the pack.
   94 	  Fixed some incompatibity problems with SGI (thanks again to Petter) and RedHat 6.0.
   95 	- Added MP3 check, using the magic number (Thanks to Steven James for this one)
   97 v0.3.1	- Fixed a couple of HP/UX incompatibilities (Thanks to Petter Reinholdtsen)
   98 	- Added -v (to view an existing tag)
  100 v0.3	- Fixed "trash in the fields" bug. (Strings are now forced to be null-terminated)
  101 	  Updated help screen.
  102 	  Fixed minor warnings during compile.
  103 	  If "-h" is among options, others are now ignored.
  104 	  "-i" now must be specified for interactive (curses) mode.
  105 	  Commented and cleaned code.
  107 v0.3-b1 - Added reading and preservation of existing tags in command line mode.
  108 	  Fixed occasional tag seek bug.
  109 	  Changed options parsing to use "getopt"
  111 v0.3-a1 - Merged the command line version back in.
  112 	  Fixed "tag appending instead of overwriting" bug
  114 v0.2-b1 - Fixed "non-existant file is created" bug.
  115 	  Added a help screen
  116 	  Field lengths became constants.
  118 v0.2-a2	- A few minor bugfixes.
  119 	- Added ^C support (terminal was going crazy if the program was interrupted)
  120 	- Added flexible window size (window width is always equal to terminal width)
  122 v0.2-a1	- Not released
  123 	- curses version. Weeeeeee! (Way better :-) )
  125 v0.1.1  - Not released
  126 	- Added support for the "Year" and "Comment" fields.
  127 	- Fixed quite a few overflow problems
  129 v0.1 	- Initial version. Never released