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What is MoSKito?

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/anotheria/moskito Maven Central License: MIT

MoSKito is an open source system for monitoring performance and behavior of Java web applications.

moskito.org | Documentation | Blog

What the Project does?

This Project is the heart of MoSKito system. It's what you need to fully monitor a single-node (one JVM) application: collect performance data, view, analyse and store some of it.

We also refer to this project as MoSKito-Essential, since it contains the most basic MoSKito functionality.

Why is it good?

Multi-purpose: collects any possible type of performance data, including business-related (registrations, payments, conversion, etc).

Non-invasive: does not require any code change.

Supports all major app servers: Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, Glassfish, WebLogic and others.

Interval-based: works simultaneously with short (from 1min) & long (up to 24h) time intervals, allowing instant comparison.

Data privacy: keeps collected data locally, with no 3rd party resources involved.

Performance thresholds: reports a selected parameter's health with the traffic-light-like notification system.

Analysis tools: displays accumulated performance data in charts.

Live profiling: records user actions as system calls.

Support for mobile platforms: free iOS apps, Android app's coming soon.

Read more about the Project and its features

Why do I trust it?

  1. MoSKito started at 2007 and never stopped developing since then.
  2. Since 2008, it's absolutely stable and production-ready.
  3. MoSKito's being used on many production systems (Allyouneed, friendscout24, c-date.com, parship.de and others).

What's inside?

In MoSKito, we differentiate between Projects (which can be release as standalone applications) and Components (which are parts of a project in maven sense). Read more...

Below is the list of components that make up this Project.

MoSKito-Core is the main MoSKito engine that does all performance counting.

MoSKito-Web contains support for web applications: base classes for filters and servlets.

MoSKito-WebUI is the embedded web-based user interface.

MoSKito-Aop contains annotations for aop-style integration for AspectJ and spring-aop.

MoSKito-Integration offers specific integration tools for CDI (JBoss, Glassfish), SQL, etc.

Install & Config

MoSKito doesn't need any operations with your code. It plugs into any application via filters, proxies, annotations, inheritance, AOP, class loaders or plain calling.

Get it

Setup & integrate

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MoSKito is free and open source (MIT License). Use it as you wish.

Read License

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Support and Feedback

We're willing to help everyone.

For any questions, write to [support@moskito.org](mailto: support@moskito.org).

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