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    1 The point of mod_trigger is to give you hooks into
    2 each Apache request to launch triggers if certain
    3 actions occur. You specify the actions through
    4 directives that mod_trigger adds to the webserver.
    6 The following is an example setup:
    7 TriggerEngine On
    8 TriggerMime text/plain /usr/local/sbin/log.pl
    9 TriggerMime * /log.cgi
   10 TriggerAgent "*" /log.cgi
   11 TriggerAgent "M*" /log.cgi
   12 TriggerAgent "*linux*" /log.cgi
   13 TriggerLog On
   15 This would turn mod_trigger on and call a cgi
   16 for all types except text/plain. If the file
   17 stats, then it is called from exec, if it
   18 doesn't we try it as a CGI. You can call
   19 perl scripts, PHP, Java Servlets... you
   20 name it.
   22 You will find a faq at http://software.tangent.org/
   24 Have fun,
   25 	-Brian Aker
   26 	 Seattle, WA.