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    1 Keep Alive Problem reported and patched by Christian Schneider
    2  Also reported by Hiroyuki OYAMA and Vladimir Klebanov
    3 mod_rpaf was incorrectly using r->pool to allocate memory for the
    4 ip. The correct pool for this when you are dealing wth keep-alive
    5 requests was r->connection->pool.
    7 Adding configurable header to work with common Russian setups that
    8 use X-Real-Ip instead of X-Forwarded-For.
   10 Fixing problems with keep-alive connections reusing the original
   11 X-Forwarded-For ip as the 'remote_ip'. 
   13 Move the `change_remote_ip' handler from being APR_HOOK_MIDDLE to
   14 APR_HOOK_FIRST to make the module run before modules like mod_geoip.
   16 Thanks to bug reports from 
   18 Yar Odin
   19 Michael Cramer
   20 Sridhar Komandur
   21 Heddy Boubaker
   22 Mitar
   23 Sergey Mokryshev
   24 G√ľnter Knaf