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    1 So what is the purpose of all of this?
    2 Ever seen a clickthrough.cgi? How about someone
    3 redirecting you to a site right before they
    4 send you to the final site? This is the
    5 same thing only built into Apache. It
    6 makes it nice and easy to log people leaving
    7 your site.
    8 This works as a virtual document.
    9 Just add:
   10 AddHandler relocate .relo
   11 and you are set. From this point on you can
   12 create virtual documents anywhere within
   13 your site. An example would be:
   15 http://www.tangent.org/mod_relocate/outbound.relo?_URL=http://www.slashdot.org/
   17 The above when called would then log to tangent's local 
   18 access logs but then would send you off to slashdot.
   19 All parameters except the _URL= are also passed
   20 along.
   22 Check out the faq.html for more details.
   23 BTW At this point I consider the software BETA, please
   24 use at your own risk.