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Refer to this document to learn what changes were made to the documents, since you've read these last time.

The most recent changes are listed first.


Replaced the idiom of using $mod_perl::VERSION as a test for whether or not you're running under mod_perl 1.x or mod_perl 2.x with a more accurate and general test. By Frank Wiles <frank<at>wiles.org>.

A new troubleshooting section on how to resolve can't locate file foo, when there is a system limit on the maximum open files. By Ken Simpson <ksimpson<at>larch.mailchannels.com>.

A few corrections in the config chapter by Jean-Sébastien Guay <jean_seb <at> videotron.ca>.

A new troubleshooting section on how to resolve "undefined symbol" problems by Matisse Enzer <matisse <at> hamparts.com>.


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