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    1 This directory contains contributed scripts/programs/utilites for mod_log_sql.
    3 * create_tables.sql
    5 This is the create table SQL commands to create the access, headers_in, 
    6 headers_out, cookies, and notes tables in the MySQL database.
    7 Use it like this.
    8 mysql -u user -h host -p apachelogdatabase < create_tables.sql
    9 Where:
   10 	user is the username to log in as,
   11 	host is the hostname the server is on, 
   12 	apachelogdatabase is the database to put the tables into
   13 	-p will have mysql ask you for a password for the user
   15 *make_combined_log.pl
   17 This perl script will extract the data from mod_log_sql's tables in the 
   18 database and export a standard Apache combined log file. Use this to run
   19 logs through a program like webalizer.
   21 You must edit the perl script to configure variables before you run it.
   22 Usage:
   23 ./make_combined_log.pl days virtualhost
   24 Where:
   25 	days is the number of days to fetch (starting from now and going back 
   26 		in time)
   27 	virtualhost is the name of the virtualhost to retrieve
   29 Example:
   30 	./make_combined_log.pl 2 example.com
   32 *mysql_import_combined_log.pl
   34 This is a perl script written by Aaron Jenson that imports a combined log file
   35 from apache into a SQL database table.. You can use this script to import logs
   36 from a webserver you are converting over from the standard Apache log system to
   37 mod_log_sql.  A Usage statement can be fetch by running the program with no 
   38 parameters or with --help or -?.