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    1 TODO:
    2 * verify a db driver has been loaded, or dynamically load them?
    3 * validate table names before trying to log them.
    4 * write alternate DB driver (PostgreSQL, libDBI, mod_*_pool)
    5 * look at forcing table name to ServerName instead of on of the names in 
    6   ServerAlias?
    7 * LogSQLRotateLogs directive with daily/monthly/weekly/etc.
    8 * socket-based middleman daemon with configurable conns, or connect/disconnect.
    9 * DBI connection pooling.
   10 * apr_dbd backend driver
   11 * ignore by cookie
   12 * investigate thread safety issues 
   13 	Use libmysqlclient_r for threaded MPM (or always?)
   14 	Add thread locks if using standard mysqlclient 
   15 	Check locking issues with the preserve file
   16 * rewrite main core logging function to optimize for speed.
   17 * Clean up table creation code.
   18 	support DB independent way of defining the tables
   19 -----
   20 mod_log_sql.c:349: to more error checking/force all params to be set 
   21 mod_log_sql.c:460: Add local_address, remote_address, server_name, connection_status 
   22 mod_log_sql.c:466: Document 
   23 mod_log_sql.c:537: What do we do here 
   24 mod_log_sql.c:787: Make these configurable?