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    1 Changes in Version
    3 * mod_gzip_update_static Yes/No
    5   This new directive controls wether mod_gzip should re-gzip outdated
    6   precompressed files. mod_gzip compresses a copy of the original file,
    7   use it with care! No other modules can handle the content of these
    8   HTTP requests.
   10 * bugfix for long lines
   12   In older versions, mod_gzip had a problem with HTTP header lines
   13   longer than 4k. This bug has been fixed.
   16 * bugfix for POST-requests on Win32
   18   Previous mod_gzip versions had a problem with POST-request whose
   19   bodies were larger than 4 or 8k. No it declines them and does not
   20   compress their output any more.
   22 * Vary bugfix
   24   The previous version of mod_gzip sent Vary headers in too many cases.
   25   You could control this behavior by doing something like
   27   <Files ~ "\.(jpg|gif|png)$">
   28     mod_gzip_send_vary Off
   29   </Files>
   31   But now this is not longer necessary. mod_gzip sends no
   32   Vary headers when the request is excluded by 'file', 'uri' or
   33   'handler'.
   35 * Netware patch
   37   Guenter Knauf (<eflash@gmx.net>) wrote a patch for Netware. It's
   38   now included.
   40 * Documentation included
   42   The mod_gzip documentation is now included in the download package.
   43   There is also a mod_gzip.conf.sample file included.
   45 Changes in Version
   47 * mod_gzip_static_suffix  suffix
   49   This new directive defines the suffix of the static compressed files.
   50   On most platforms this will be .gz, but on some it may be .z or
   51   something like that. Default is '.gz'.
   53   Warning: You have to add an 'AddEncoding .suffix gzip' in your Apache
   54   config! If you don't do this, Apache may send a wrong
   55   'Content-Encoding' HTTP header (or even none at all).
   57 * mod_gzip_handle_methods GET POST
   59   Parameters are GET or POST or a list of both values.
   60   Default is the list of both values.
   62 * mod_gzip_send_vary Yes/No
   64   This will be useful for some caching HTTP proxies like squid.
   65   Prior to the current version of mod_gzip, they had problems
   66   to properly handle mod_gzip output.
   67   Example: A client that is able to handle compressed content
   68   receives a compressed response and the proxy caches it.
   69   The next client is not able to handle compressed content but as
   70   the proxy was not aware of the response being a negotiation
   71   result, it could do nothing but serve the content to this
   72   client as well.
   73   "Vary:" should tell the proxy what to do in those situations,
   74   or at least warn it to not cache the content if it is not
   75   able to understand the negotiation procedure.
   76   The value of the 'Vary:' header will be a comma separated
   77   list of
   78     a) 'Accept-Encoding' and
   79     b) each value that has been used as second operand of a
   80        'mod_gzip_item_include reqheader' rsp.              
   81        'mod_gzip_item_exclude reqheader' directive.
   82   This may cause a proxy to not cache the content in some
   83   more cases than necessary, but at least make sure it
   84   won't inadvertantly serve compressed content.
   85   The calculation logic for 'Vary:' headers may have to be
   86   improved in subsequent versions, as to hopefully reduce
   87   the header names to the absolute minimum necessary.
   89   Warning: Don't set this value to "no" unless you are perfectly
   90   sure that all clients in your environment are able to handle
   91   compressed content properly!
   93 * Workfile bug fixed
   95   In prior versions of mod_gzip there was a problem with the
   96   workfiles. When the compressed version of a file was bigger
   97   than the file itself, the workfile has not been deleted.
   98   Now it will be.
  100 * mod_gzip recognizes outdated .gz files
  102   mod_gzip now performs another stat() call and checks whether
  103   the static compressed version of the file is older than the
  104   uncompressed original file itself. If so, it sends the
  105   uncompressed content(!) and creates a
  108 * mod_gzip is now split into 3 files
  110   Mod_gzip has been split into three files because it is easier to
  111   maintain. And because of this splitting I added an Makefile.tmpl
  112   (a Makefile template) for Apache build process so that you
  113   can compile mod_gzip statically into Apache.
  114   There is also a Makefile which uses the apxs script to generate
  115   a shared library.
  117   Now there are two ways to build mod_gzip: statically compiled
  118   into Apache and a DSO-File for mod_so. If you want to
  119   compile it statically into Apache, just copy the source
  120   to Apache src/modules directory and there into a subdirectory
  121   named 'gzip'. You can activate it via a parameter of the
  122   configure script, e.g.
  124   ./configure --activate-module=src/modules/gzip/mod_gzip.a
  125   make
  126   make install
  128   This will build a new Apache with mod_gzip statically built in.
  129   The DSO-Version is much easier to build. Just type
  131   make APXS=/path/to/apxs
  132   make install APXS=/path/to/apxs
  133   /path/to/apachectl restart
  135   The apxs script is normaly located inside the bin directory of
  136   Apache.