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    1 Installation:
    2 -------------
    4 Compile using apxs. apxs may not be available by default on systems. You might have to install the required package containing apxs. Generally it comes with the apache devel package. For instance in ubuntu you could install apache2-prefork-dev. You will also need libapr and libapr-dev.
    6 Something like the following command should work for the compilation.
    8 sudo apxs2 -i -a -c <path to mod_dosblock_module.c>
   10 You might have to reload/restart your apache after this
   12 Configuration:
   13 ---------------
   14 Currently we support the following directives DosBlockUrl, DosBlockHeader, DosBlockRule, DosBlockVerbose
   16 You can define a url based subrule using the following syntax
   17  DosBlockUrl  <name of the  url subrule> < regexp pattern>
   18 Example
   19  DosBlockUrl myurlrule /test
   20 Header based subrule can be defined as follows
   21  DosBlockHeader <name of the header subrule> <header name>  <regexp pattern>
   22 Example:
   23  DosBlockHeader myheaderrule User-Agent mozilla
   24 Then you use the following syntax to do the real blocking
   25  DosBlockRule <dos rule name>:<name of the subrule> <threshold rate (hits per sec)> <time till blockage ( in secs)>
   27 Example:
   28  DosBlockRule dosblock_header:myheaderrule 2 60
   30 A complete example:
   31 -------------------
   32  DosBlockUrl myurlrule /test
   33  DosBlockRule blocktest:myurlrule 50 120
   36 In case you want to enable debugging you can set
   37  DosBlockVerbose On
   38 Verbose logging is off by default