mod_auth_radius: The RADIUS authentication module for the Apache webserver

This is the Apache RADIUS authentication module. It allows any Apache web-server to become a RADIUS client for authentication and accounting requests. You will, however, need to supply your own RADIUS server to perform the actual authentication.

Module building and configuration

Configure this module into Apache by going to the Apache root directory, and typing:
     ./configure --add-module=LOCATION/mod_auth_radius.c
where LOCATION is the directory where the module source file resides. Then, type
Alternatively, if you've already built and installed Apache with dynamic modules, you should be able to install this module via:
     apxs -i -a -c mod_auth_radius.c
You should add your additional site configuration options to the configure line, above. Please read the README file for further information.

Files included with the module

README Introduction and documentation
httpd.conf Sample HTTPD configuration file for RADIUS attributes, with additional comments and documentation.
htaccess Sample .htaccess file
mod_auth_radius.c C source file for Apache 1.3.x
mod_auth_radius-2.0.c C source file for Apache 2.0


The latest version of the module is 1.5.7.

For the latest source code, see the main web or ftp site:

Author contact

Alan DeKok <>

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