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    1 # A list of common generic abbreviations in electronic communication.
    2 # Provided by Francois Pinard <pinard@progiciels-bpi.ca>.
    3 #
    4 # Abbrev:	Expansion
    5 #
    6 afaicr:		as far as I can remember
    7 afaict:		as far as I can tell
    8 afaik:		as far as I know
    9 aka:		also known as
   10 asap:		as soon as possible
   11 byob:		bring your own {beverage,beer,booze}
   12 booze:		byob
   13 dns:		domain name system
   14 faf:		fire and forget
   15 finr:		fixed in the next release
   16 fqdn:		fully qualified domain name
   17 ftf:		face-to-face
   18 fubar:		{fouled,fucked} up beyond all recognition
   19 fwiw:		for what it's worth
   20 fud:		fear, uncertainty, and doubt
   21 fyi:		for your information
   22 hand:		have a nice day
   23 hth:		hope that helps
   24 ianal:		I am not a lawyer
   25 iirc:		if I remember correctly
   26 imho:		in my {humble,honest} opinion
   27 imnsho:		in my not so humble opinion
   28 iyswim:		if you see what I mean
   29 ljbf:		let's just be friends
   30 ot1h:		on the first hand
   31 otoh:		on the other hand
   32 rotfl:		rolling on the floor laughing
   33 rotflmao:	rotfl my ass off
   34 rsn:		real soon now
   35 rsvp:		responde s.v.p.
   36 rtfm:		read ``tfm''
   37 rtfs:		repair the fucking system
   38 sae:		stamped addressed envelope
   39 sase:		self adressed and stamped envelope
   40 snafu:		situation normal, all {fouled,fucked} up
   41 stfe:		search the fucking (search) engine
   42 tia:		thanks in advance
   43 tfm:		the friendly/fucking manual
   44 tla:		three-letter acronym
   45 wdyt:		what do you think?
   46 wibni:		wouldn't it be nice if
   47 wlog:		without loss of generality
   48 wrt:		with {regard,respect} to
   49 ymmv:		your mileage may vary