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mail, warning of reading 16.2.6 Input/Output
mailing lists 2.3 Mailing Lists
marking directories 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
marking file types 16.2.2 Completion
matching, approximate 14.8.5 Approximate Matching
mathematical functions 22.17 The zsh/mathfunc Module
mathematical functions, use of 11 Arithmetic Evaluation
mode, privileged 16.2.11 Shell State
modifiers 14.1.4 Modifiers
modifiers, precommand 6.2 Precommand Modifiers
modules 22 Zsh Modules
modules, example 22.13 The zsh/example Module
modules, loading 17 Shell Builtin Commands
modules, writing 22.13 The zsh/example Module
multibyte characters, in expansion and globbing 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
multios 7.2 Multios

named directories, dynamic 14.7.1 Dynamic named directories
named directories, dynamic, helper function 26.4 Abbreviated dynamic references to directories
named directories, static 14.7.2 Static named directories
no clobber, POSIX compatible 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
notification of background jobs 16.2.7 Job Control
null command style 15.6 Parameters Used By The Shell
null globbing style, csh 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
nulls, embedded in $’...’ 16.2.10 Shell Emulation

octal, arithmetic expressions 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
octal, output in C format 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
operator precedence 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
operators, arithmetic 11 Arithmetic Evaluation
option printing style, ksh 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
option printing, ksh style 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
options 16 Options
options, aliases 16.3 Option Aliases
options, description 16.2 Description of Options
options, processing 17 Shell Builtin Commands
options, setting 17 Shell Builtin Commands
options, shell 4.1 Invocation
options, single letter 16.4 Single Letter Options
options, single letter, ksh style 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
options, specifying 16.1 Specifying Options
options, unsetting 17 Shell Builtin Commands
overstrike mode, of editor 16.2.12 Zle

parameter expansion 14.3 Parameter Expansion
parameter expansion flags 14.3.1 Parameter Expansion Flags
parameter expansion rules 14.3.2 Rules
parameter expansion style, rc 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
parameter expansion, examples 14.3.3 Examples
parameter modifiers 14.1.4 Modifiers
parameter names, non-portable characters in 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
parameter, file access via 22.16 The zsh/mapfile Module
parameters 15 Parameters
parameters, array 15.1 Description
parameters, associative array 15.1 Description
parameters, declaring 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, editing 18.3 Zle Builtins
parameters, editor 18.5 User-Defined Widgets
parameters, expanding 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, floating point 11 Arithmetic Evaluation
parameters, for using file descriptors 7.1 Opening file descriptors using parameters
parameters, integer 11 Arithmetic Evaluation
parameters, listing 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, marking readonly 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, positional 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, positional 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, scalar 15.1 Description
parameters, setting 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, setting array 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, special 15.1 Description
parameters, special 22.20 The zsh/parameter Module
parameters, special 22.34 The zsh/zleparameter Module
parameters, substituting unset 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
parameters, unsetting 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, warning when created globally 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
parameters, warning when setting in enclosing scope 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
parameters, zle 18.5 User-Defined Widgets
path search, extended 16.2.6 Input/Output
path search, for script argument to shell 16.2.6 Input/Output
PCRE, regexp 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
pipeline 6.1 Simple Commands & Pipelines
pipeline, exit status from 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
precedence of glob operators 14.8.3 Precedence
precedence, operator 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
precommand modifiers 6.2 Precommand Modifiers
priority of background jobs 16.2.7 Job Control
private parameter, creating 22.22 The zsh/param/private Module
privileged mode 16.2.11 Shell State
process substitution 14.2 Process Substitution
prompt expansion 13.1 Expansion of Prompt Sequences
prompt, ! expansion 16.2.8 Prompting
prompt, % expansion 16.2.8 Prompting
prompt, parameter expansion 16.2.8 Prompting
prompt, save partial lines 16.2.8 Prompting
prompt, with CR 16.2.8 Prompting
pushd, making cd behave like 16.2.1 Changing Directories
pushd, to home 16.2.1 Changing Directories

qualifiers, globbing 14.8.7 Glob Qualifiers
querying before rm * 16.2.6 Input/Output
quoting 6.9 Quoting
quoting style, csh 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
quoting style, rc 16.2.6 Input/Output

rc, array expansion style 14.3 Parameter Expansion
rc, parameter expansion style 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
rc, quoting style 16.2.6 Input/Output
reading a line 17 Shell Builtin Commands
rebinding keys 18.3 Zle Builtins
rebinding widgets 18.3 Zle Builtins
recent directories, maintaining list of 26.3 Remembering Recent Directories
recursive globbing 14.8.6 Recursive Globbing
redirection 7 Redirection
redirection, current shell’s I/O 17 Shell Builtin Commands
redirections with no command, csh 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
redirections with no command, ksh 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
redirections with no command, sh 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
referring to jobs 10.1 Jobs
regex 22.23 The zsh/regex Module
regexp, bash BASH_REMATCH variable 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
regexp, PCRE 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
region, highlighting 18.7 Character Highlighting
regular expressions 22.23 The zsh/regex Module
regular expressions, case-insensitive matching, option 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
regular expressions, perl-compatible 22.21 The zsh/pcre Module
removable suffix, highlighting in completion 18.7 Character Highlighting
repeat loops 6.3 Complex Commands
reporter utility 26.2.4 Dumping Shell State
reserved words 6.5 Reserved Words
resource limits 17 Shell Builtin Commands
resource limits 17 Shell Builtin Commands
resource limits 17 Shell Builtin Commands
restricted shell 4.3 Restricted Shell
restricted shell 16.2.11 Shell State
resuming jobs automatically 16.2.7 Job Control
return from function, on error 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
rm *, querying before 16.2.6 Input/Output
rm *, waiting before 16.2.6 Input/Output
roadmap 3 Roadmap
rules, parameter expansion 14.3.2 Rules

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